How to enable the parental control on the Xbox One ?.


You do know this, perhaps not, but Microsoft offers tools to help you control and monitor the activities of your children on the Xbox One.
Thus, you can protect them when they are playing online in multiplayer mode with friends, manage the time he spends on a daily basis but also restrict their access to inappropriate content and pay.

To keep an eye on your protected on their great games set up different parental controls available on Xbox One.

Create and link a child account to your Xbox One.

Before you can activate the different parental controls, you must first create a profile Microsoft for your child (if they don’t already have one) and link it to your account through the service My family from Microsoft. To do this, here are the steps to follow :

On the computer :

If your child does not yet have a Microsoft account, create a.
Then, log in to your Microsoft account and go to the section My family.
Click to Add a member.
Select Child, enter the e-mail address that you just create and click on Send invitation.
Re-connect to its Microsoft account and accept the invitation.


On the Xbox :

Press Xbox of your controller.
In the Guide, select connect, enter your account and then press the Xbox guide button.
Go to System, then Settings.
In Account, go to Family.
Select Add to family, then Add it again.
Enter the e-mail address and the password of the Microsoft account that is previously created.
Select Add to family (Add to family).


At this stage, a Gamertag random will be given to him, and you’ll have to choose between three security settings :

No barrier (no password required).
Require my access key (enter your access key for the connection).
Lock the access (password Microsoft required for each action).

Configure parental controls on your Xbox One.

After you have configured the profile of your cherub on the Xbox One and have it linked to your personal account, it is time to define the various parental controls that are available to you. To do this :

Press the Xbox on your controller to access the Guide.
Scroll through the options and select Settings, the icon of the cog wheel.
Go to Account, Settings of the family and Manage the family .
Select the Xbox account of your child.
Finally, change the various parental controls to limit his activities and his access to the console.


The possible restrictions .

The privacy and online security are the biggest concerns for parents, especially when it comes to games more or less violent, such as the very popular Fortnite.

For this reason, Microsoft provides the ability to apply one of three general settings (Child, Adolescent, and Adult) or to customize the content available to the Xbox.

Access to the content.

The restriction of the content is extremely important to prevent more young people to play games or watch movies inappropriate for their age.

You can determine an age limit via the content Restrictions in the settings of your Xbox. As well, your cherub will not be able to, not more, travel to the library of your console.

Web Filtering.

Thanks to the Web filtering, monitor the websites accessed via the browser Microsoft Edge integrated.

There are two default settings, allowed list only, and basic communication, which allows access to social networks and chat. Up to you to choose the one that you want to enable.

Options to purchase .

Using a password, block purchases, and avoid unnecessary expenses incurred by error. To do this :

Press the Xbox guide button of the controller to open the Guide.
Go to System, then Settings.
Under Account, select parental Control, and Manage the members of the family. .
Choose the account of your child.
In Privacy and online safety, go to View details and customize.
Go to setting Purchase and download to enable the option to Ask a parent.


Set limits to screen time.

If you want to set a time limit and schedules access to the console, follow these steps :

From the computer, log in to your Microsoft account.
Go to My Family, search for the name of your child and click on screen Time.


If you want to manage your schedules differently and according to devices, then select or deselect individual limits.

After you have enabled the calendar, you can customize it by choosing the days, the hours and the time limit.

Thanks to all these precautions, your child will be able to play the Xbox One without that you don’t have to worry about his safety or what he spends his days above.