How to enable private browsing on an iPhone ?.


It is not surprising to want to keep their internet activities private. Moreover, most internet users prefer that their history remains secret for many reasons : the organization of a birthday surprise, information, medical, research job..

If such is your case, you can delete, one by one, each browsing session if you want. However, there is a solution even more efficient and fast : use private browsing.

In this article, we tell you how to enable and use private browsing on your iPhone or iPad.

Who can see your browsing history ?.

In general, when you browse the Web from your phone or your tablet, you leave traces.

If a friend is very curious came to you to borrow your phone, he could have access to the details of your exploration of the internet and all of the content from your iPhone. Also, please do not hesitate to secure your applications at the same time.

Your research data are also accessible through the fully automatic (auto-completion). This feature allows search engines to complete your request to the court of his entry, based on the key words used in the past.

For example, imagine that this same friend types the name of a website in the search bar.

If this one shares the same first letters as another site, that you have a habit of travel, so the latter will appear in its suggestions, and it can quickly become embarrassing.

The Safari browser syncs the bookmarks and the data for frequently visited sites, between all your iOS devices. Specifically, if your MacBook and your iPhone are sharing the same account, then the searches performed on your phone will be displayed on your computer.

Your activity on the web can be disclosed in many other ways. In theory, your data entered during navigation are used for targeting advertising to be effective, but it is also possible to fall on ads unhealthy.

To block advertisements on your iPhone, take a look at our tips.

Why enable the private Browsing mode of your iPhone ?.

Apple has included private browsing in iPhone and iPad since the debut of iOS 5, if you prefer to keep your internet searches private on the web, so don’t hesitate and use the.

As long as this mode is on, your iPhone or iPad will remember no trace of your visits.

To enable private browsing on iPhone or iPad.

To enable private browsing on your iOS, you first need to open Safari. Then, in the bottom right of your screen, tap on the icon of the pages (two overlapping squares), once the window opens, tap Private. When you visit in private browsing, the interface darkens in adopting a shade more black.

You are warned that Safari will not keep in memory the pages visited or any information of fully automatic (auto-completion).

All the tabs you had open will disappear, you will be able to open new ones and surf the web normally, but this time, in complete privacy.

However, your windows navigation public are still open so you don’t lose them. To return to top, press again on the icon of the pages, and then click Private.

Use a VPN for more privacy.

It is important to note that, even if you do not save any browsing history in private mode, your internet access provider is always able to see the websites we visited.

If you want to be completely anonymous on the net, be aware that you can always use a VPN such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN. They create a virtual private network that prevents the monitoring of your activities.

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