How to enable automatic updates on Windows 10 ?.


Microsoft makes it a point of honour to ensure that its operating system Windows 10 is the most efficient and the most powerful in the world. For this, the american company standby to deploy regular updates and fixes for a better user experience.

What are the updates in Windows 10 ?.

Windows 10 is an operating software complex and comprehensive. It is not only installed on the PC but also on smartphones, tablets and on the Xbox One, or even on the headset, augmented reality Microsoft HoloLens. For all of these devices are efficient and that all bugs are fixed, they need to be updated.

These updates can optimize the drivers so that the devices, network cards, monitors, or printers will work correctly between them, or to bring new features to the software pre-installed (OneNote, Edge, etc).

They are also essential for an internet browsing security. In effect, they help to protect your Windows PC against malware and other threats.

However, we recommend that you reinforce this protection with a antivirus.

How to turn on automatic updates in Windows 10 ?.

The updates are, by default, automatic and ddegree that they are available, you will receive a notification.

Their download and installation do not require any action on your part except choose the time at which they must perform, in order not to interrupt you during a game or a backup, for example.

To ensure that an update has been made, press the key Windows of your keyboard (or press the Windows logo on the task Bar). Then, click on the icon of the gear wheel to get you into the Settings, and select update and security.

Since the new window that opens, just under Windows Update, you will see indicated the date and time of the last update.

If you have a doubt and think that Windows does not updates automatically, select in the bottom of the same screen, Advanced Options.

In the drop-down menu, under the section Choose the mode of installation of updates, click Automatic (recommended).

Now, it is certain that your Windows 10 will look and run updates automatically, when they are available.

To manually find new Windows updates, you can click check for updates.

The functionality to View the history of installed updates, you used it, to see all the updates made in the previous month.