How to download iOS 12 beta ?.


iOS 12, the new version of the operating system of Apple for the iPhone and iPad, will be available in fall of 2018.

You want to test the new features of iOS 12 before all the world ? You will then need to join the program beta software from Apple.

iOS 12 beta : warning .

Before you rush on the beta version of iOS 12, we need to share with you a “slight” disadvantage : it can spoil, or render useless, your iPhone or your iPad.

For Apple, a beta version is used to identify possible bugs or problems on its operating system. Therefore, there is no guarantee that it will not damage your device. In other words, when you are using a beta version, it is at your own risk.

If you still want to use iOS 12 beta, we then recommend that you first back up the data on your iPhone or iPad.

How to get iOS 12 beta ? .

Once limited to developers, the public can now download the beta versions of iOS. Note that these are not finished products, they do not therefore offer the best user experience.

If you still want to test iOS 12 beta, you can either subscribe to the Program Apple developer, or the Program software public beta.

Program Apple developer.

The program Apple developer costs 99 $ per year and is aimed at professionals who wish to develop applications or programs for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

1 – Go to the page of theApple Developer Program (in English only) and use your Apple account to register.

2 – Connect this to the iOS Dev Center using the same Apple ID.

3 – Save your iPhone or iPad using its UDID (it shows up in iTunes when you click on the icon of the device → Summary → serial number).

4 – Download the beta version appropriate for your device.

5 – Unzip the downloaded file and connect your device to your Mac. Open iTunes.

6 – Hold down the Alt-key pressed and click Restore iPhone (in the Summary tab). Select the folder .IPSW. The beta version will take a few minutes to install.

Program software public beta.

The iOS version 12 public beta should be out sometime in June 2018. We describe below the steps you will follow when it becomes available.

1 – Go to page public beta from Apple and sign up using your Apple account.

2 – Register in the beta program to the public (in English only).

3 – Click on Enroll your iOS device.

4 – Go on to from your iPhone or iPad.

5 – Download and install the configuration profile.

6 – The beta version is now available in Settings General → update.