How to disable auto-play videos on Chrome ?.


Since the update of Chrome (66.0), the videos launched automatically is muted by default, but that is the total cessation of their reading ?

If you do not support more than one video is played as soon as you open a page on Chrome, especially if you are in public or if you are using your data, then follow this tutorial.

Disable auto-play videos on Chrome.

Disabling autoplay is very simple, that you surfiez on Chrome from your Android device or your computer.

Launch Chrome.

In the address bar, type : chrome:///flags/#autoplay-policy.

Press Enter.

Click on the drop down menu next to Autoplay policy.

Select the option Document user activation is required.

Finally, click on RELAUNCH NOW that appears at the bottom of the window.


Now, none of the video does not launch without your consent.

Mute video on autoplay on Chrome.

Google mutes the video by default. If, however, you want to do it manually then you can simply launch Chrome, do a right-click on the open page, and finally choose the option to Mute the site.

If you would like to verify that Chrome is up-to-date and that you use the most recent version, launch the browser, type in the search bar : chrome://settings/help, and press Enter.

There are a few exceptions in which you can continue to hear the audio auto play, for example when you have added a web page to the home screen of your smartphone.