How to delete photos from your iPhone ?.


You are a photographer in series, a addict of selfies or a fan of panoramas ? Keep only your best shots and delete the rest ! If you lack memory on your iPhone, follow our storage tips !

To delete a photo on an iPhone .

There are several ways to delete photos on your iPhone and the first one is simple.

Go to the Photos app, select the photo you want to delete, and press the trash icon. Finally, confirm the deletion of the image.

Your photo will be placed in a folder recently Deleted which is found in Albums, and there it will remain for 30 days before disappearing permanently.

If you do not want to keep the photo for 30 days, go to Photos → Albums → Delete. recently → Select (at the top right of the screen), and choose your photo, then tap Delete.

To delete simultaneously all the photos in your folder recently Deleted, tap on Select and then delete All.

To delete several photos at once.

In the Photos app, if you want to delete multiple photos at once, press select, Select multiple photos and then, finally, press the trash can icon. Here, too, the photos will be placed for 30 days in the folder you recently Deleted.

Otherwise, there is the free app Gemini Pictures of MacPaw, it suggests you the best shot among your duplicates, delete a single gesture, and for good (so you free up space on your iOS), but also to put some order in your photos folder.

Delete an Album.

You can delete an album by going to Photos → Album → display → Change. Tap on the red circle that appears.

The album will then be deleted, but not photos ! You will be able to find them on your camera roll. Apple blocks the deletion of some albums as Favorites, Videos, Selfies.

To delete photos from your iPhone from a Mac .

Transfer of images (Image Capture) is a tool simple and very useful that you can delete photos from your iPhone from your Mac.

To use it, first connect your iPhone to your Mac and confirm that you do trust. Then, open Transfer of images (Image Capture).

To delete, select them using the mouse (or Cmd + A), then click on the small red circle next to Import to (Import to).

You can also use iPhoto or Photos, it depends on your update. This is not as fast as with the Transfer of images (Image Capture), but you’ll have the ability to recover your photos more easily if you delete them accidentally.

To delete photos from your iPhone using a PC.

If you have a PC, to delete photos from your iPhone is extremely simple.

Connect your iPhone to your PC, and confirm that you trust them. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the file DCIM on your iPhone.

Select the images you want to erase (or press CTRL+A to select all), then right-click and choose Delete.