How to delete backups from a Mac ?.


Data backup a Mac with Time Machine can occupy a lot of space. It often happens that it is insufficient or that the backup disk is not available anymore.

In this case, MacOS is then put to create snapshots of local (snapshots), these are copies of your data waiting to be saved. Thanks to these, you can restore your files.

If these copies are too old or that they occupy space needed for other tasks, then MacOS automatically removes them.

To recover space and manually delete these backups that are of no use, follow this tutorial.

Manually delete the snapshots from the premises.

There are two techniques to eliminate the shadow for your local hard drive, turn off Time Machine or go through the Terminal.

1 – Turn Off Time Machine.

The turning off Time Machine will result in the deletion of all of your instant local stored on your Mac.

To do this, open system Preferences, select Time Machine, then uncheck the box to automatically Back up.

Wait a few minutes for these snapshots to be deleted, you should find an amount of free space to be free.

2 – Delete the Time Machine backups with the Terminal.

The second solution is to consider, only, if the first has failed. In addition, we do not recommend it to novices and to the users of macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or an earlier version.

If such is your case, then we advise you to repeat the first step several times and then contact Apple if it doesn’t work.

On the other hand, if you feel comfortable with macOS, then open the Finder and go to Applications → Utilities → Terminal. Enter the command sudo tmutil disablelocal (please note the spaces).

A list of all the Snapshots should appear. The snapshot feature local will then be turned off in your Time Machine, the latter will not be able to create new ones and remove all the existing snapshots.

If you want to reactivate, then you can proceed in the same way, Finder → Applications → Utilities → Terminal. Except this time, you will need to enter the sudo tmutil enablelocal.

If you want to clean up your Mac in depth, we recommend the program CleanMyMac X, and if you want to completely refurbish, then do not hesitate to consult our article How to reset your Mac to factory settings ?