How to delete an app on iOS and Android ?.


Download of new applications is so simple that it is done without thinking about it, especially when they are free ! Fortunately, you are not obliged to keep it ad vitam aeternam. Do a good spring cleaning and uninstall all the applications that you have not recently used.

How to delete apps on Android .

If you browse to your smartphone from the inside out, you will probably be surprised by the number of applications that you store on it, but that you never use. And this without counting the pre-installed apps with the purchase of the phone !

On Android, there are four ways to uninstall an application.

Method # 1 : from your settings.

Open your Settings. Its icon, a wheel, can be found on your home page, in your drawer or applications in the drop-down menu at the top of your screen.

Rendez-vous in Apps and scroll through the list of your apps.

When you find a program you want to delete, select it, and then press the button Uninstall.

If the option Disable appears in place of Uninstall, this means that you can not remove this app. By disabling it, you avoid at least that it only uses the resources of your system.

Method n°2 : from your home screen.

If your apps are on your home screen, you can uninstall it by a simple gesture.

From your home screen, select and hold the application you want to delete.

Drag it to the top of the screen where the Uninstall appears, then release when you are at the top.

If you use this method and that your laptop has a drawer of applications, the option to Delete may appear in place of Uninstall. In this case, only the shortcut will be deleted and not the application itself. Therefore prefer the method n°1 or n°4.

Method # 3 : from your drawer applications.

On some Android, you can erase apps directly from your drawer of applications using the technique of drag-and-drop as described above.

Press and hold the app you want to delete and drag it to the top of the screen where the Uninstall appears.

Method # 4 : from the Play Store.

You can uninstall any app that you download directly from Google Store.

Open Google Play and go to My games and apps then go to the tab Installed Applications.

Tap the icon of the app you want to delete, and finally finish by Uninstall.

Do not confuse the tab of the Applications Installed with the tab Library. The latter does not keep the names of your applications as a guide only, in case you want to reinstall it later. If you do not wish to keep these references to your old apps, press the cross at the end of their name.

How to delete applications on iOS.

To delete an application on his iPhone or his iPad is more simple.

Press the home button then touch and hold the application you want to delete.

Finally, it only remains for you to press the cross in the top left of the app.

Delete an app pre-installed.

Since the launch of iOS 10, it is possible to “remove” some of the applications pre-installed on iOS : Calculator, Calendar, FaceTime, iBooks, Podcasts, Stocks, etc.

In fact, these applications do not disappear really your phone or your tablet, but they no longer appear in your menu. The data to which they are associated, however, are well removed, which allows you to recover a bit of storage space.

Be careful before you delete an application pre-installed, make sure that no other application requires it. For example, if you delete Plans, you do not have access to them anymore in CarPlay. Another case of figure, don’t forget to stop synchronization with your Apple Watch (or any object connected) before removing the application from your device.

You can always find your pre-installed apps in the App Store and “download” if you need it.

To delete an app on the app store.

If you sync regularly your iPhone or iPad with a computer, delete the application from your iTunes account to avoid that it will be re-installed at the next synchronization.

In iTunes, right-click on the app you want to delete, then select Delete.

For the moment, iTunes stores all the applications that you have purchased. If you do not want someone to discover them, don’t forget to log out of your iTunes account before you give out your devices.