How to delete a message on WhatsApp ?.


You regret your last exchange on WhatsApp or you’re in the wrong matches ? Good news, the application has just launched a new feature : the message deletion instant.

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Delete a message on WhatsApp .

Until now, it was impossible to cancel sending a message on WhatsApp. When you pressed “enter”, there was no turning back.

The last update of the application fills this gap, and in the coming weeks, all users of WhatsApp will gain the ability to delete a message sent in haste.

To delete a message, just stay down for a few seconds on it and then select the Delete option for all.

Note that you now have an hour after sending the message to erase, and that if this last is read between time, there is nothing you can do.

Another important point, your correspondent will receive an alert to indicate that you have deleted the message you had just sent him. This feature is to be used sparingly.