How to delete a account in Facebook ?.


Social network unbeaten for nearly 15 years, and yet Facebook frightens more and more of its users. In fact, it has been proven that the platform Zuckerberg has exploited the data of nearly 50 million people without their knowledge, a good reason to want to rotate permanently the page.

If you also want to disappear from Facebook, then follow this tutorial.

Delete an account Facebook, good or bad idea ?.

So before you delete your account, be aware that after the Scandal Facebook-Cambridge Analytica, the site has taken the necessary measures to protect your information to the maximum.

Now, when you log in to the social network, the computer data are sent to the security service Facebook (IP addresses, browser information and operating system,cookies, etc.)
Connected devices are also identified for more security.

Note that Facebook also owns Instagram and WhatsApp. Therefore, if you decide to delete your account for reasons of confidentiality, then it would be logical to you to remove other social networks.

Delete Facebook is a choice is entirely personal, some people can’t go without this tool of communication 2.0.

How to permanently delete a account in Facebook ?.

We recommend that you back up your photos or any other data before permanently deleting your account Facebook because it is irreversible.

If you are sure of your choice then go in Settings Information Facebook Delete your accounts and information.

How to temporarily disable an account Facebook ?.

If you do not want to delete your account permanently you offer you a good alternative.

In fact, it is possible to simply disable your account temporarily, and this way, nothing will be lost or deleted forever.

It is a simple manipulation to achieve, you just have to go in Settings General account Management Disable temporarily.

If you wish, in addition to the account you can delete your page on Facebook by following these steps :

Connect you to your page → Go to settingsSl → click on Delete the page Ok.