How to create, use and delete her Pinterest account ?.


We have all heard of the social networks Facebook and Twitter. But do you know Pinterest ? Read our guide and you will become an expert of this social network.

What is Pinterest ?.

Launched in 2010, Pinterest — formed from the words “Pin” to Pin “and ” Interest” for Interest — is a social network that lets you share your passions, hobbies and ideas through pictures, called Pins. In other words, Pinterest is a common table giant on which everyone can pin their photos.

If you are looking for inspirations decor, styles of dress and even hair .. then head over to Pinterest !

You can use Pinterest on your smartphone or tablet by downloading the app from Google Play or iTunes.

Create a Pinterest account.

To create your Pinterest account, enter an email and password, or sign in with your login Facebook or Gmail.

Your first name, last name and password are automatically saved.

Then, you are asked to select a maximum of 5 centres of interest, to which you are subscribed. Pinterest will launch a search and display of suggestions that is closest to your interests. You can always change them later.

Your profile.

Your profile Pinterest is built around 5 features, located in the top right hand corner : Home, Explore, [user Name], a Bubble , and Three points.

If you click Explore, you’ll have access to all the themes that the site offers. You can Save those playlists and create your Table.

Under your [user Name], you can manage your subscriptions, members you follow, your pictures and Pins.

Behind the Bubble hide your notifications, and your inbox Pinterest.

The icon of the Three points, gives you access to the different settings of your account and change it.


Pin it !.

Once you have met with your profile, you can now exploit the platform. Don’t worry, Pinterest is easy enough to use.

From Home, you will see all the illustrations and photos that relate to your interests.

When you click on a pin you’re interested in, 6 options will appear :

Send, which allows you to share your discovery via Facebook, Twitter, a hyperlink or by email.

Three points, gives you the ability to Report (a pin does not respect the rules of the site) andIntegrate a pin to your website or blog, in the form of various widgets.

To register, simply serves to back up this pin in your Table.

Visual recognition (icon in the shape of a square), allows you to crop the image, to focus on the object that you are interested in. As well, Pinterest will refine its suggestions and provide you with all the pins with a similar object.

Visit, will redirect you to the site or blog of the original Pin.

Comments is a public forum..


Manage your Tables and Pins.

The Tables tab is a kind of album where all your pins are gathered. To add a pin, you just have to click on the Save option, explained previously. The platform asks you to automatically create a table, then it does not remain you more that to follow the instructions.

You can also create it by visiting [Your user name], and then in the tab Tables, click the plus sign +, on a red background.

It remains for you to give it a title and enable or disable the setting of the Secret, if you want to make it public.

Once created, you can add more details (description, category), share it, and delete it.

The tab Pins is the place where you upload your pins personal from your computer or those you have saved during your searches on the internet, in which case the URL will be requested.

Pinterest for entrepreneurs/owers.

Pinterest caters to individuals but also to professionals. In effect, you have the opportunity to create a professional profile. This allows you to publicize your activity (blog, e-commerce website, ..) to the greatest number.

The key to your “success” depends greatly on the quality of your photos. They attract the eye, develop curiosity, and then can convert the interested into buyers..

Be aware that to help you measure the impact of your professional profile, the platform has developed Pinterest Analytics.

Thanks to Pinterest you can improve the seo of your website and grow its traffic, because your Pins are indexed by Google !

If you want to go Pro, follow these steps :

Click on the Three points.
Select the option to upgrade to a professional account for free.
Fill in the different fields of the form.

Disable or close his account.

If you no longer want to use Pinterest, go to your account Settings. Then click on the option to Disable the account.

It only remains for you that to select the reason for your decision, and click on Deactivate my account (to re-enable it later) or to permanently Close my account.

Help center.

If you want to learn (a lot) more on the use of Pinterest, don’t hesitate to visit the Help Center (Three points → Help Center). You’ll find the answers to all your questions.