How to create, use and delete an account Instagram ?.


What is Instagram ? .


Instagram, this is the reason why so many people take pictures of their sandwiches avocado-salmon at the restaurant (#foodporn) ! In other words, it is a social network based on sharing images and videos online.

Created in 2010, this application are not less than 800 million users around the world. As Facebook, which bought the company two years after its creation, Instagram is free and is financed through advertising

Create an account in Instagram .


Instagram is an application available exclusively on the smartphone. To get it, go to your Google Play Store or App Store.

Once the app is downloaded, tap on the link to register with an e‑mail or phone number and fill in the micro form that follows (name, e-mail address ..).

If you have an account with Facebook, you can use it to find your friends that use the application.

Browse on Instagram .


Five icons allow you to navigate between the different functions of the application.

The first, in the shape of a house, takes you to your home page (also callede “Feed”). This is where all the images of the people you follow are displayed.

The icon of the magnifying glass launches the search engine of the app. Thanks to him, discover new personalities, new hashtags, find your friends ..

The cross in the middle enables your camera, gives you access to your gallery of photos and lets you share your shots.

When you press the heart, you’ll see the list of your subscribers and your suggestions (figures to follow).

Finally, the right icon in the shape of a man, opens your user profile.

Manage its security settings .


When you create an account in Instagram it is by default public ; that is to say, that anyone can access your photos.

If you want to make your account private, so that only your friends can access to your account, go to your profile and click on the three dot at the top right of the screen.

Here you will find all the settings of your account. If you scroll down the list to the bottom, you will see the option “private account”. To activate, press the cursor and confirm your choice when a pop up is displayed.

Publish and edit a photo on Instagram .


To publish a photo on Instagram, press the button “+” in the navigation bar of the application.

You can then choose to take a picture, record a video (max 15 seconds), or share a snapshot that is already present on your smartphone.

Once you have selected an image, it is possible to zoom in/out on it by dragging two fingers from the center to the outside of the screen (and vice versa). When you are satisfied with the result, press Next.

To delete a photo on Instagram

You want to do a little cleaning in your profile in Instagram ? To delete a snapshot, go to your profile, tap the photo and then click the three dots in the top right. You show all the options of the photo, it only remains to select Supp.

Now, you go to the’editing tool.

The filters in Instagram are very popular, and they are largely responsible for the success of the application. To apply a filter on one of your photos, it is sufficient topress on its icon and then click Next.

If you want to do touch-ups to custom, then go into the small tab Change.

Finally, just before you publish your photo, you have the option to add a caption, hashtags, identify your friends or add a location. If you have linked your account Instagram with other social networks (Facebook, Twitter ..), you can share your publication simultaneously by pressing their sliders.

What is the “News” or “Stories”? .


The “News” are pictures and/or videos that do appear only one day before disappearing.

To create “News”, go to your home page and tap on your photo in the top left of the screen. You will then get a tool very similar to add photo (+) but with some additional functions : Direct, Boomerang, Rewind and Hands-free.

As the name suggests, Direct enables you to stream a video .. live.

“Boomrang” and “Rewind” are two video modes, the first one will play your recording in a loop (start to end then end to beginning) and the second is the diffuse upside down. Finally, “Hands-free” allows you to set a timer before triggering the camera.

Once you have taken a picture or a video, you have the option to add stickers (location, survey, emoticons, etc.), draw, or write to it.

The e-mail Instagram .


Instagram now has his own e-mail. To access it, go to your home page and press the arrow (it looks like a paper airplane) in the top right of the screen.

If you want to send a message, press the cross and enter the name of one or more of your contacts in the bar “To”. You can also select them in the list that appears below.

Of course, the e-mail Instagram offers the possibility to share images, videos, photos ..

Delete his account Instagram .


To delete his account Instagram, you should go to this page via your internet browser.

Once you have entered your credentials, select the reason why you want to leave and click on permanently Delete my account.