How to create a PayPal account to pay online ?.


PayPal is one of the unicorns (startups become multinationals) which are the dreams of the entrepreneurs of the planet. In this article, we introduce you to the services offered by the company, how to create your user account and, if necessary, delete it.

What is PayPal ? .

Created in the United States in the late 90s PayPal is an payment service that allows you to transfer money between individuals and make purchases online. The company, popularized by its inclusion in the sale site, Ebay, now has more than 210 million users across the world.

On the internet, PayPal plays the role of an intermediary between your bank and the merchant sites.

Once you have created your user account and you have associated a means of payment, no need to take out your credit card. To pay for a product or service online, you can just use your login PayPal.

In addition to monetary transactions, PayPal offers “purchase Protection”. It provides the opportunity to be reimbursed (in the case of a purchase not received, for example) and to resolve disputes between buyer and seller online.

PayPal, Phishing and security online.

Through PayPal, you do not need to disclose your banking data to third-party sites when shopping on the internet. Your online transactions are more secure.

The other side of the coin is that the users of PayPal (such as those of other online banking services) are often the target of Phishing.

This technique of hacking by e-mail, also known as phishing, is to trap the users to reveal their access codes to certain websites or, simply, their data bank.

The messages sent by the hackers are similar almost in any point of the official emails but they redirect their readers to fraudulent sites.

If you think you sign up for PayPal, we recommend that you check out their safety tips here.

How to create a Paypal account ?.

To use PayPal, go to and click on “Open an account”.

Select the option that particular Account and Continue.

Fill out the registration form (email address, date of birth, etc.) and create your password. Note that it is also valuable that your code credit card, choose the so with caution.

Once your account is created, go to the section Portfolio to save your card or your bank account.

Confirm his bank account .

To ensure that you are indeed the holder of the registered bank account, PayPal transfer above two micro-amounts (less than 1€).

When you have received these payments (this can take up to 2 business days), log in to PayPal, go into your Portfolio. Click on Confirm the account and enter the two amounts that you received in the bar to this effect, and there it is, your account is verified.

Confirm his credit card.

If you choose to link your PayPal account to your bank card, go to your portfolio and click Confirm your card.

Your credit card is then charged€ 1.50, and on your bank statement you will see that in the name of this transaction is a 4-digit code. Copy it and then go into your Portfolio, click again on Confirm your card and enter your code.

Note that you may need to wait 3 business days for the transaction appears on your account statement.

Use PayPal as e-wallet .

If you do not wish to be debited on your bank account or charged to your credit card, you can then use PayPal as an electronic wallet.

In order to load your account, go to Portfolio and click Add money.

How to delete a Paypal account ? .

It is very easy to delete his user account PayPal. Simply log in to the platform, click on the wheel (top left of the window) and then click Close your account.