How to copy DVD and Blu-ray on a Mac ?.


You want to go all-digital ? In this tutorial, we introduce you to the different techniques for backing up your DVD and your Blu-Ray on a Mac.

Is it legal to copy DVDS ?.

Yes, copy of the DVD on his computer is allowed as long as you don’t do it as a private use.

It is illegal to share those copies online, or make reproductions of the work, whether commercial or not.

Copy a DVD to a non-protected one .

If the DVD or Blu-Ray disc you want to copy is not protected, then save it on your Mac is rather simple, you just need to follow the steps described below. Please note that you must be between 700 Mb and 9.4 Gb of available memory on your computer to store each DVD.

– Insert your DVD into the drive of your Mac.

– Go to your Applications Utilities and open disk Utility.

– Locate and click on the name or logo of your DVD.

– Several options will be presented to you, choose New image.

– For the format, select DVD /CV and for encryption choose None.

– Click Save and the copy of DVD will launch automatically.

Wait while the process is complete before removing the disk.
To play your copied DVD, we suggest you download VLC for Mac OS X, which supports a variety of video formats.

Copy a DVD protected .

If you want to copy a DVD protected, you will need to use a third-party software. We recommend HandBrake, because it includes a function to compress the format of the DVD and to adjust the frequency of their images.

– Download HandBrake (free, site in English).

– Open the application and then insert your DVD disc into the computer. If Handbrake does not detect it automatically, click Source and then select that in the window that opens.

– In the settings of copy, we suggest you choose the MP4 format (playable on Mac and iOS).

– What is the size of the file, you can either choose to limit it to 750 Mb (that the file is not too large), either you let the software copy the DVD to the format premium (for a better image resolution).

Copy a Blu-Ray on a Mac .

There are two ways to copy a Blu-ray disc on a Mac.

The first is to decrypt and copy the entire disk using a program like Will Blu-Ray Copy (free of charge, site in English).

Note that then, the copy will have the same size as the Blu-ray of the original (from 30 Gb to 40 Gb) and that it will take several hours to be created (in other words 2 h film takes 2 hours to copy).

The second option is to transform your Blu-Ray.MKV.

A .MKV is a file format which can contain video tracks, audio, image and subtitle in a single place.

MakeMKV by GuinpinSoft is a good software for convert Blu-ray to MKV.

Once your Blu-Ray disc is copied, you can read on your Mac with a player type VLC.

If you then want to convert your MKV file in a format that is more lightweight as a MP4, we recommend that you use HandBrake.