How to copy a DVD on a PC (for free) ?.


There are many reasons to copy a DVD on a computer to protect a collection of rare, save space in his apartment, to allow the transfer of its contents on a tablet ..

For this tutorial, we have chosen to use the DVD Decrypter software, but there are, of course, other programs that have similar functionality as Winx DVD Ripper (for a fee).

Copy a DVD on a PC using DVD Decrypter .

DVD Decrypter is a free software and, although it is in English, it is easy to use. We have detailed below a few adjustments to make before starting the copy of your DVD.

1 – Download DVD decrypter and install the program.

2 – Click on Next (two times), and then click Install and finally Finish.

3 – Launch the program by double clicking on its icon and insert the DVD in your computer. The first time you use the program, a pop-up window appears.

Click Yes and select the region West Europe, Japan, South Africa.

4 – In the main window, click Mode and choose IFO.

5 – Go to Tools, click on the tab for IFO Mode , and choose None.

6 – Go to Stream Processing and tick the box Enable Stream Processing and Direct Stream Copy.

7 – Click on the icon for a DVD → hard drive. Allow the software to copy your DVD.

8 – once the copy is complete, a small music is heard and a pop-up window displays “Operation successfully completed” (transaction completed successfully).

To read a DVD recorded on a computer, it is necessary to use a media player like VLC or KMPlayer.

If you want to transfer the contents of the DVD on your tablet we advise touse a Cloud (an online storage service).
You want to download movies on your iPad ? We have written a tutorial specifically for this.