How to convert audio cassettes to mp3 format ?.


If you had a Walkman when you were younger, then it is very likely that a box full of audio cassettes is still hiding in a corner of your attic.

Media listening has become more diverse, the music can be appreciated directly from a phone, computer or tablet. CD’s and cassettes have not completely disappeared, but for its combination of music and mobility, the music lovers prefer to the mp3 format.

If you are one of those who do not wish to lose their favorite hits and stored on their computer or smartphone for example, be aware that there is a very simple way to convert your analog tapes to digital format.

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Transfer the contents of your tapes on a computer ?.

To convert a cassette to mp3 format, you need a player, an input jack, a computer and an audio program such as Audacity (free).

If you still have your old walkman, then use it as a headphone jack of 3.5 mm, otherwise a hi-fi stereo system with a headphone output or phono sockets RCA also works very well.

Your computer must have an analog audio input, such as a line input or a microphone mini-jack.

As a general rule, laptops are limited to a headphone jack or microphone jack of 3.5 mm. On the other hand, a desktop PC is likely to have a microphone input in addition.

If your drive is not in working condition and that you consider to buy one, then you should consider choosing a model with a USB output. This way, your computer will not need to have a line input.

Audiophiles will seek, surely high-end devices, but if you are one of those who only wish to retrieve audio tapes for fun, then a player basic will do the job well enough.

We advise you, all the same, check upstream if the album or songs that you are trying to convert are not already available on the platforms of streaming such as Spotify or YouTube. Even converted to MP3 format, the sound quality of a cassette is relatively poor.

Convert audio cassettes with Audacity.

Audacity is a software which allows to record, edit, and convert audio files in several formats (WAV, AIFF, MP3). It is free of charge, in French and relatively simple to use.

Connect your player to the K7 to your computer via USB .
On your Windows, go to Settings and then head in System.
In the Sound tab, select control Panel, Sound .
Click on Recording, and Line in .
Launch the Audacity software.
In the menu bar at the top of the screen, click Edit, click Preferences, and then click Devices.
Then appears the Interface section, in the drop-down menu Host choose your player.
Below is the Recording section. Make sure that the settings for the field Channels is 2 (Stereo)


Once these parameters have been set, it is necessary to adjust the various recording levels.

To do this, in Audacity click on the Play button (green arrow) and check that the two green stripes, in the upper right corner, do not fall in the red.

To adjust the volume of your recording, you can either do it from your drive, either from Audacity with the cursor (microphone icon).

Rewind your cassette to the beginning and then click Record on Audacity and, simultaneously, press Play on your player.

When the first side of your tape is full, put the recording on pause, switch to side B and repeat the same steps.

To create a playlist with music that was well-separated (not on one and the same soundtrack), pin it to the start of your audio track by clicking on the green triangle to the upside. Then, in the menu bar at the top, select Track and Add new track.

It only remains for you to do is go to File → Export multiple, to select the desired format, and click Export.

Note that Audacity does not ship with an MP3 encoder due to licensing fees, but you will have instructions on how to download and install the MP3 encoder Lame.