How to convert a VHS to DVD ?.


Since the arrival of video formats Blu-Ray and DVD, thanks to which the video content are of much better quality, it became very difficult to watch a VHS.

If you have recorded tv shows, or filmed moments with family, and that you don’t want to lose them, then you can simply convert them to DVDS.

How to convert a VHS into a DVD format ?.

Some of your VHS have a valuable content which you do not want to separate them ? Then, we advise you to keep your vcr/VHS player.

If you don’t have that, be aware that even surpassed, you can always find a new or used.

Note, however, that, like most equipment with mechanical parts, there is no guarantee that a vcr used offers good performance.

With time, the VHS take the dust and deteriorate, then before re-use make sure they are cleaned and rewind it manually, so you can see what is the state of the band.

If you have a vcr/dvd player and you want to carry you to digitize your VHS, then why not transfer your video to your PC ?

For this, the software MAGIX Sos Cassettes Video is a good option. In this pack you will find everything you need (a video converter universal USB, Scart cable, S-Video and RCA..).

The transfer process will be easy to run, and you won’t have to worry about buying equipment and more.

Also, this software easy-to-use allow you to improve the quality of the audio, video, and even add effects.

If the previous solution does not interest you, then why not go for a combo drive ? Thanks to it, copy directly from a VHS to a DVD.

You will have the possibility to connect the video output of a VHS player to the video input of a DVD recorder. To do this, you will need a A/V cable, Scart or composite video cable RCA.

How to digitize a VHS ?.

If you have no DVD recorder to digitize your VHS tapes, then use your PC, you can save it and burn it on a disk.

For this, you need a vcr and a converter USB digitizer is supplied with software (on Amazon for less than 30 €).

As soon as you are ready, follow these steps :

Connect your player to the VHS video to your PC using the cable converter → Start the software (included with the USB cable) → Start playing your VHS tape, where you want to start recording, and snap the scan.

As soon as it is finished, do not forget to stop the tape.

To burn your video on DVD, you can use the program Freemake (in English), this free software transcribes your VHS tape to disc.

If you are not comfortable with the technology, be aware that different companies offer this service. Carrefour, for example, proposes a scanning of the magnetic tape cassettes to USB, DVD, etc. count 19,90 € in average per VHS. Fnac can also convert your VHS (12,90 €).