How to connect a Bluetooth headset to a PC ?.


You’re probably used to connect your headphones or earphones wirelessly to your smartphone. Now, you would like to link this to a PC ? To learn how, follow our tutorial, in which we use Windows 10.

Connecting a Bluetooth headset to a PC.

Three steps are enough to connect a Bluetooth headset to a PC, so here they are :

The first thing to do is make sure your headphones are turned on so that they are detectable by your computer.

On your PC, go to the Start Menu, follow the path : Settings → Devices → Bluetooth Devices, and others, finally switch on the Bluetooth.

Be aware that you can also activate this connection from the notification center (from the task bar, go to notification Center, and then select Bluetooth).

In the list, select your headset or your Bluetooth headset.


Note : It may be that you do not see the Bluetooth function display, it may mean that your PC is not equipped with one. To have the heart net, feel free to follow our tutorial : How to know if your PC is equipped with Bluetooth ?