How to configure the speaker Amazon Echo ?.


The connected speaker Amazon, with the help of Alexa (or their virtual assistant) and Skills, know how to make very useful and practical in daily life.

In addition, if you have the bulbs connected Philips Hue or thermostat Netatmo, be aware that you can control them with Alexa.

Before moving on to the configuration and use of your speaker, you must have an Amazon account. Once this is done, or if you already have one, follow the 7 steps below.

Connect the speaker Echo to an electrical outlet.

Install the free app Alexa on your smartphone or tablet*.

Log in to your Amazon account.

In the app, select the speaker to set up.

Connect the speaker to your phone via Wi‑Fi, enter the name of your wireless network and its password.

Finally, allow access from Echo to your contacts.

To finalize the configuration of your speaker system Amazon, enter your location and change the units of measurements (temperature, metrics,..).


To activate the speaker, you will have to, by default, decide to Alexa. From the app, you can replace Alexa, Amazon, Echo or Computer. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create a different name.

If you want to control connected objects, we recommend that you give them very short names. A name too long and would complicate the command and make it inaccurate to Alexa.

For example, say to him : “Alexa, set the [name of the thermostat] on [number] degrees”.

Also, to use a Skill (equivalent to a ppa) , you will need to decide the exact name of it : “Alexa, active Uber”, “Alexa, reserve a table on LaFourchette”, etc