How to configure an Outlook account on a Mac ?.


Since 2013, Microsoft has replaced the popular Hotmail e-mail by Outlook. Well as Hotmail no longer exists, millions of people still hold an account which they wish to continue to use.

Note that it is possible to keep your email address Hotmail, @MSN, or even if the new service Outlook has supplanted.

Note, however, that if your address has remained inactive for more than 270 days, Microsoft gives itself the right to deactivate your account, or even delete it.

In this tutorial, we show you how to access your old Hotmail account from your Mac and how to use your email via Microsoft Mail.

Check if your Hotmail account is still active .


To find out if your Hotmail account is still active, go to you will be automatically redirected to the new service Outlook. Enter your Hotmail address and your password as requested.

If you can access to your Hotmail address, then it means that it is still active.

Outlook .


The service Outlook offers functionality identical to that of the web e-mail traditional, namely the sending and receipt of emails and their organization.

If you log in to your Hotmail account after a period of 270 days, then you will receive a Welcome message.

You will be advised to switch to Outlook and explained how to import your emails and contacts from other email addresses associated with your Hotmail account.

Note that e-mail (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud..), use the IMAP protocol. Therefore, you can access your emails from any computer. The import of the emails will be very easy.

Merge a Hotmail account to Outlook .


Microsoft encourages you to dispose of your old Hotmail account and use Outlook.

To keep your Hotmail address, you can merge it to your new Outlook account.

This will allow you to use the two addresses at the same time, and switch to Outlook as. To do so, follow the steps outlined below.

Create a new email address in Outlook .


To create a new Outlook address, you just have to click on the icon of your profile, located at the top right of your browser.

A drop-down menu with several configuration options appear, click on Edit Profile. Then, in the new window that opens, click Manage your e‑mail address or phone number of the connection.

Finally, click on Add an email address as an alias.

These aliases allow you to use different email addresses, the email responses will go in your new box Outlook. Once created, click on Add an alias.

Reuse of old Hotmail addresses .


To avoid that Microsoft does not delete your old Hotmail address, use the address alias.

To do this, click on the option ” Add an existing e-mail address as an alias of Microsoft account, enter your Hotmail address, and click Add an alias.

Use your Hotmail account and Outlook for Mail .


To use your email addresses to Microsoft for the Mail application on your Mac, go to the Check page of the Mail settings, and enter your email.

Apple gives you all the information related to your account (server, receiving, shipment, port, and authentication mode).

Now, launch Mail, and then in the File tab click Add account.

Enter your Hotmail address and your password, select Continue. Finally, in the summary window of the account, click on Create.

That is, your Hotmail/Outlook account has been added to the Mail application on your Mac.

To add an address, click on Mail, then Preferences. In the Accounts tab, click on the + sign, located at the bottom left.

It only remains for you to follow the steps described previously.