How to clear the history from Safari on an iPad ?.


In this tutorial, we will explain how to clear the internet history on your iPad, directly from the Safari browser and going through your Settings.

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Clear the history from Safari.

To clear your history from Safari, go to your home screen and tap on Safari. On the web page that opens, press the icon in the shape of an open bookin the top left.

Three tabs appear, press the History (the clock on the right), and then click Delete, which is located at the bottom of the list of the sites visited.

Finally, in the pop-up that opens, it only remains for you that to select the history you want to delete (the last hour, today, yesterday, and today, all history).

Clear history from Settings.

To erase your history from Settings, go to your home screen, and tap Settings.

At the bottom of the features list, select Safari, and then, in the menu on the right, tap on the option Clear history, data from the site. And finally, on Delete, to confirm this deletion.