How to change the voice of Siri ?.


Siri is a virtual assistant whose voice is female by default, but it is possible to hear it with a male voice.

This is not all, you can also give it a different emphasis.

Change the voice of Siri on iOS.

To change the voice of Siri, you can simply go to Settings → Siri and search. Select Press to ask Siri, if this is not done.

Select the option Voice of Siri.

It only remains for you that to choose a focus (Canada or France) and the type of voice (male or female).

If you switch to English for example, then you will need to say “Hey Siri” with the american accent, australian or british.

Change the voice of Siri on MacOS.

To change the voice of Siri on your mac, there is nothing more simple.

Appointment in System Preferences → Siri → (Language) → Voice of Siri.

Also keep in mind that Siri has a lot of humor, please do not hesitate to ask these funny questions. If Siri does not (or no longer useful, we have a tutorial for the/disable it.