How to change the voice of Google Assistant Google Home ?.


Android users and Google Home have the habit of exchanging with a Google Wizard to the female voice.

It is in September 2019 that Google has finally announced the arrival of a new voice, available in nine languages (French, German, Norwegian, Dutch, Italian, japanese, Korean, and English (uk)).

If you would prefer that your voice assistant on Google Home to have a male voice then follow this tutorial.

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Change the voice of Google Assistant on a pregnant Google Home .

The voice of your Google Wizard you becomes annoying ? Wait no more and follow these 6 steps to change :

Open the application Google Home .
Go to the Settings icon .
Appointments in More settings.
Select the Assistant tab .
Go to Voice of the Wizard .
Choose between the colors red (female) and orange (male)


In addition to changing the voice, if you are bilingual and you want to speak to your Google Wizard in another language this will ’is also possible. You just need to go to the Languages tab, instead of the Voice of the Wizard.