How to change the DPI of a mouse ?.


The DPI (Dot Per Inch), or DPI (Dot Per Inch), mouse, determines its sensitivity. The higher the DPI of your mouse is, the less you’ll have to move to your cursor to go from one point to another of your screen.

A mouse sensitive mostly benefits gamers and graphic designers, more inclined to work on big screens. Usually, players adjust the DPI of their mice between 1600 and 2800 DPI.

If you feel that your mouse is not enough reactive, and that you want to change its DPI, then follow this tutorial.

Check the specifications of the manufacturer.

The first thing you should do is search online for the data sheet of your mouse. Unless it is a mouse without a brand name, then there are high chances that you find it, its DPI will be indicated. It can also be entered on the instructions for use.

Our mouse, Treknet, SKU: M003, supports 2400, 1500 and 1000 DPI.

To install the drivers.

Unless you have a mouse without a brand, which relies solely on the Windows mouse driver, we recommend that you download the appropriate driver from the manufacturer’s website. You will have the possibility to set the DPI of your mouse.

Also, on some mouse models, such as ours, you simply use the dedicated button for the DPI setting, so it is possible to change it in a click.

The use of a calculator DPI online.

If you still can’t find the DPI of your mouse, then please use a parser DPI online.

To do this, go first of all in the Windows settings for your mouse, control Panel → Hardware and sound → Mouse, and click on the pointer Options tab.

Uncheck the box to Improve the accuracy of the pointer, otherwise the acceleration will make the measure useless, and finally confirm with Apply and OK.

If you have installed a mouse driver, then make sure that the acceleration of the pointer is also turned off.

Now, go to the page DPI Analyzer in order to measure the approximate distance you need to move your mouse so that the pointer goes to the left of the screen to the right.

Enter the distance in the field Target distance and select the desired unit (cm or inches). As you do not know the DPI of your mouse, you can not put a value in the field Configured DPI.

Now, click on the red target at the bottom of the page and drag it to the right, by moving your mouse to the distance that you have specified in the Target distance. No need to go fast, it is especially necessary to be precise.

Regardless of whether the pointer exceeds the window of your browser, however ensure that it does not reach the edge of the screen.

When you release the mouse button, a number will appear in the field Actual DPI. It indicates the approximate value of the DPI that your mouse is currently set.

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