How to change a password in Windows 10 ?.


The protection of data stored on a PC is crucial, and yet many are those who use the same password, either to their email box, their various online accounts, etc

The most unfortunate is that their password is too simple, such as 12345, password, 12345678, iloveyou, or even starwars.

As you say, a hacker with the interpret in less than ten seconds.

How to change the password of Windows 10 ?.

You have decided to change the password on your PC or your Windows session ? As soon as you feel ready, follow the 6 steps described below.

Press the Windows key on your keyboard.

Click on the cog Wheel in the Windows menu, the window Settings opens.

Select Accounts, and then to the left, click connection Options.

In the section Password, select Change.

Confirm your password.

Then, create a new one, make sure that it is complex AND memorable.


How to change your password and PIN code ?.

If the mixture of uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numbers let that discourage you, although it can create passwords more secure, you can use a PIN code.

To do this, follow the same steps described previously, up to the point 3. Then, go to the section PIN. Click Add and enter your Windows password.

Now, it only remains for you that to create your PIN code. A little tip : don’t choose 123456.

You can use this PIN code for all your Windows devices.

If you make a memory mistake, or if you don’t trust him, there is the managers password, they safeguard and secure all of your passwords.

Note that it is also possible to bypass the login screen by removing the password, but you can protect your data.