How to change a login ID for the PlayStation Network ?.


The PlayStation 4 from Sony is without a doubt the console with the most popular, with more than 82 million units sold since its launch in 2013, at the same time as the PS4, Pro.

Although most of the games are solo, if you want to challenge your friends online, you must connect to the PlayStation Network (PSN).

However, is it possible to change the email address and password associated with your connection to the PSN, or even change your online ID ?

The answer is yes, and to know how to do, you just need to follow our tutorials below.

How to change an email address PSN ?.

It is recommended to always associate a valid e-mail address to your PSN ID. This enables you to receive all the information about new games available, receipts for purchases made on the PlayStation Store, etc

The question is how to change the email address given if you do not want to use it ? Fortunately, it is not necessary to create a new PlayStation Network account.

Here’s how you can replace it with a new one :

Turn on your PS4 and select the user account associated with your PSN.

Follow the path : Settingsaccount Managementaccount Informationconnection ID.

Enter your new login ID (also called your new e-mail address).

Select Confirm.


An email is then sent to 2 mail boxes (old and new), and this, to notify you of the recent change.

Now, you are able to connect to your account using your new e-mail.

How to change your password on PSN ?.

The process is similar to the change of the login password on PlayStation Network. However, for the latter, you will need to know the password given in your registration.

Start by turning on your PS4, and then select the user account associated with your PSN.

Go to Settingsaccount Managementaccount InformationSecurity.

Then, select the Password option.

Enter your current password and your new password (we suggest you keep it in a safe place), and then confirm it.


You should now be able to connect with your new password PSN.

If you have forgotten your password, PSN, be aware that you can modify it from your computer, your smartphone or tablet by visiting this page and following the instructions displayed on the screen.

How to change your PSN online ID ?.

The players of PS4 are also raised the question : “is it possible to change my PSN online ID ?”, in fact, many people (including us) who regret the nickname they are given.

Unfortunately, it is not (yet) possible to change your username PSN. You will have to wait until the next update PS4 6.10 planned for early 2019.

In the meantime, Sony recommends that players create a new account and online ID. The company says that you will be able to share downloaded content between the two accounts.

On the other hand, you will lose your friends list and your trophies are hard-won.