How to boost PC sound ?.


Accumulation of programs, lack of updates, malware .. there are many reasons why your PC can become slow. Want to boost your PC ? Follow these 13 tips !

Remove the startup programs.

Often, because of the programs and tools installed, the computers start up more slowly. Most programs launch at Windows startup so that you do probably not need.

To prevent them from launching automatically : go to your task bar, bottom right of your screen. Click on the white arrow oriented towards the top to display the notification icons.

Each icon represents a program that runs at startup. Some are essential like antivirus, but others are not.

Right-click on each of them, and then click Settings (if proposed), and then uncheck the box.

In our example : automatically Launch OneDrive when I open a Windows session.

Google Drive is part of the programs that can be started manually when you need it.

To turn off all other programs and assistants who start at the opening of Windows :

Simultaneously press the keys Windows logo on your keyboard) + R

Type msconfig in the window that opens, then click OK.

Click on the tab Servicesand uncheck the checkbox, at the bottom, Hide all Microsoft services..

For example, Firefox works fine without the Maintenance service Mozilla.

In the Manager of tasks — that you open by right-clicking in the taskbar and then selecting task Manager you will see that there are a lot of programs running at the same time as Windows.

To help you know which to disable, do a searchon Google.

Right-click the program, and then select Online Research. With this information, you will know better if these programmes are really useful.

To disable each program, right-click it and select End task.

Windows also shows you what is the impact of each program on its performance.


Recent versions of Windows defragments the disc automatically, but also do so is pretty rudimentary.

You will find on the market very good defragmentation software that can boost the performance of your computer.

The German software OandO Defrag (translated in French) is one of them. Otherwise, you have Advanced SystemCare 10 of IObit, effective enough and above all free.

Small warnings :

Do not use this software if you have an SSD.

If you have an SSD and a hard disk, only the last needs to be defragmented..

Identify the malware.

It is recommended to scan your system to identify any threats of a slowdown or malfunction.

If you protect your computer with Windows Defender :

Go to the menu Start (Windows icon, bottom left of your screen).

Then, in Settings, select update and security.

On the left, select Windows Defender.

Select the analysis : Full.

Then, click Scan now.


If Windows locates something, you will be notified and a solution will be proposed.

If you use another anti-virus paid (or free), such as AVG, Norton, Mc Afee, you’ll need to start and find the option to do a scan of your system.

Tame virtual effects.

Windows 10 has a very pleasant design and responsive with stunning visual effects. Unfortunately, these effects may weigh on the performance of the PC a little older, it is best to disable them.

Here’s how :

Open the Start menu and type advanced system Settings, and then press Enter the first result.

In the window that opens : Performance section, click Settings. A list of visual effects will appear on the screen.

You can uncheck those that you feel are unnecessary.

Otherwise, simply select the option to Adjust in order to achieve the best performance, and finally on Apply..

Reinstall Windows

Reinstalling Windows is another very good solution to boost your computer.

It allows you to remove the software that might slow down your PC, adware (advertising software embedded in free software), malware, temporary files, etc

A reinstallation CD Windows is required for versions prior to Windows 8 and 10.

On Windows 8 and 10, the option to Refresh (refresh in French) is integrated. It reinstalls Windows without deleting your personal files, no backup upstream is not required.

For Windows 8 :.

Hasffichez the Charm Barby positioning your mouse on the right side of your screen or via the shortcut Alt + C.

Click Settings, and then click Change settings of this PC.

Click on Update and security Recovery Refresh your PC without affecting your files, puis Start..

Windows 10 :.

In the Start menu, click on the icon “cog”.

Select Update and security, on the left, select : Recovery.

Click to Reset the PC, then Start.

The window Refresh is displayed, offering you 2 options : Keep my files and Delete all..

We recommend this method because it is automatic and easy.

Important Note : If you choose to do a full reset of Windows, you should definitely copy all of your files on another device such as an external hard drive or a USB key.

Update drivers, programs and Windows.

Drivers, expired programs, and Windows itself can also slow down your PC.

For example, the drivers may prevent your Windows system from shutting down or slowing down the startup. So you need to update your system.

The Windows updates are done automatically.

You can manually check for those who have been executed :

Go to the control Panel.

Programs and featuresinstalled Updates.

The drivers allow Windows to have access to the components of the hardware like video, sound, printer/scanner, webcam, etc
Before the update, to fix some bugs and boost the performance of your PC, it is important to identify their model, and check the website of the manufacturers.

For the update :

Go to Start Settings Devices Connected, to the left.

Click on device Manager, in the bottom of the window.

Click on the arrow, in front of the device, to deploy a list.

Then, right-click on the driver.

Click on update driver...

Otherwise, you can use the free tool such as SlimDrivers (in English) or Driver Booster (in French). These two programs will do everything for your site :

The identification of drivers..
The audit updates..
The download and installation of updates.

You also have : Driver Talent, a free and paid version with more option

Free up space on the hard disk.

That said, the accumulation of files and programs, said slowing down your PC. Uninstalling programs will free up space and thus speed up your system.

Either you manually delete files, either you install a program (although it is advisable in the course of this article to do uninstalls..) that will allow you to clean your PC in depth.

Select the programs you want to uninstall and start “cleaning”. Make sure that the changes are saved.

Do not clean all of a sudden, as this would prevent the identify malfunctions.

Some computers are embedded in the programs, games and other software. There are great chances that you don’t need most of them, do not hesitate to uninstall them.

To do this : Go to control Panel, open Programs and features. Then, uninstall the programs that are to be abandoned for six months, or more !

There are programs that install many files in Windows and that can be a burden and have a detrimental effect on its performance.

You can replace them by software, so-called portable, because you can enjoy it from an external hard drive, USB or a laptop PC.

Like the open source software (in French), with which you can make the processing of text, such as Notepad++ Portable or Apache Open Office, edit images (Blender Portable JPEGView Portable,..), listen to music (VLC Media Player Portable), etc.

Install software faster.

Sometimes, it is possible to improve the performance of your system by installing a better software. For example, if you always use Internet Explorer we recommend that you upgrade to Google Chrome or another internet browser faster.

Programs weight have less functionality, but are faster.

For example, do you really need Word or WordPad ?

Microsoft Office Home 2013 requires 3 Gb of space against 213 Mb for LibreOffice, which has the same basic functions.

What about of Adobe Photoshop Elements ? This software occupies 4 Gb of space, while Paint.NET and GIMP (in French) just need 66 Mb to both of them !

It is the same for the games, which themselves are highly dependent on the resolution of your screen and special effects used. Some games have options to select the screen resolution and disabling some effects. Your game will become even more fluidity.

Update of the hardware.

If your PC is five years old, for example, our techniques may not be sufficient to the rebooster, so maybe an update of your hardware if necessary. Thanks to it, your PC will be more efficient, but also will catch up with its delay in the face of the more recent models.

Memory (RAM).

A lot of old PCs suffer from a lack of storage space ; 4 Gb of free space as a minimum. Note that 4 Gb is the maximum for 32-bit Windows, we recommend that you switch to 64-bit, in order to take advantage of more RAM (random access memory where are stored temporary data).

Crucial, for example, offers tools to help you identify the memory compatible with your computer. In addition, some upgrades of RAM are more complicated to run than others, so it’s best to use these tools before you undertake any upgrade or invest.

The most economical solution would be to buy the RAM online and install it yourself, but this is only possible if you are an Ace of the computer.

If this is not your case, it is best that you let a specialist do it.

Don’t forget : before you increase your RAM, install a SSD !

The installation of an SSD.

An SSD (Solid-State Drive) is THE best way to boost an old PC or laptop.

If you want to rebooster a laptop, clone your first hard drive on the SSD before you install it.

For it : connect the SSD to your PC via the USB port, then launch your cloning software (usually supplied with your SSD drive).

Update the graphics card.

A graphics card a day can also give a boost to your PC. The best graphics cards on the market, Nvidia and AMD are very large. So before buying one, check its compatibility with your computer. The space, thickness and other criteria are taken into account. The graphics cards with dual slot are made for very large PCS, such as PC Gamer, and the graphics cards single-slot are recommended for notebook PCS.