How to block ads on an iPhone ?.


The advertisements are a source of income for some, while for others they are a source of annoyance.

If you want to prevent pubs to go unresolved during your navigation on your iPhone or iPad, then follow our tutorial.

Install an adblocker on your iPhone.

The first thing to do is visit The App Store and choose the adblocker that you want.

Our favorites are the AdBlock Plus (free), Crystal AdBlock (0,99 €) and Better Blocker (5,49 €).

In this tutorial, we have used Crystal AdBlock. Regardless of your pop-up blocker, please be aware that the installation is the same.

Follow the instructions that appear on your screen, and then select the options Acceptable Ads (Pubs accepted) and Whitelist (white List).

The feature Whitelist allows advertisements that it does not consider as intrusive.

This option benefits both the content creator and the user. The first continues to collect revenue, the second one is more bothered by the ads, pop-ups, or cookies.

We recommend that you add your favorite sites to the Whitelist, and you make some advertising revenue and your support.

To do this, simply press on the option at the bottom of your screen and enter the URL.

Blocking ads on Safari.

Once Crystal AdBlocker installed, it does not remain you more that to make it active on your iPhone or iPad.

For this, go to SettingsSafari , and select content Blockers.

Under this option, you will see the(s) pop-up blocker(s) pubs installed(s) on your iOS. Select the unit(s).

Now, when you browse the internet via Safari, much less advertisements will be displayed.

Note that this blocking only applies to Safari.

If, for example, you open an article from Facebook, Twitter or any other apps, then the blocker will not work.

The installation of an adblocker on your iPhone or iPad, you can not only be a barrier to pubs, but alsosave your internet data and less to solicit your battery.

In fact, the advertisements are often in the form of images or videos and these formats are more heavy and take more time to download than a text or a web page.