How to block a website ?.


Good news, it is not necessary to purchase software to block internet sites on his computer. The method described below is simple, free, and will even let you block certain Web sites based on user or time of day.

How to block a website on a PC ? .

To block a website on a PC it is necessary to create a command from your notepad. Here are the steps to follow :

Open file Explorer by pressing Windows + E.
Follow the following path : This PC → : Windows C: → Windows → System32 → drivers → etc.


Double-click hosts and select notepad when Windows prompts you to choose a program..

If the hosts file opens in another program, open notepad (Start → All programs → Accessories → notepad), and then click File → Open → hosts.

Place the cursor of your mouse at the end of the last line and then press Enter.


Type, press once on the spacebar, and then type the address of a Web site that you want to block. For example, to block access to YouTube, type on this line.

Continue to add the websites you wish to block, each preceded by and a space. Click File → save to Save your changes.


Reject the warnings of malware that can be triggered by your editing of the hosts file.

Close all open browser windows, then reopen a new one to test your changes. The blocked sites should not display in any browser.


How to block certain websites based on user or time of day ?.

To block certain internet sites as a function of time or of the user, you should go through the web interface of your router.

Open an internet browser and enter the IP address of your router in the address bar..

Refer to your router to know its IP address or try a common address such as, or

Enter your user name and your password..
The interfaces of router vary depending on the brands, but you will always find a topic with a name like “access Restrictions”..
Enter the site details, times, and users that you want to block. .