How to block a number on an iPhone ?.


You are tired of receiving calls awkward ? With this tutorial, you will learn the different ways to block a number on a spam on your iPhone (iOS 6 and later), but also how to know if your number has been blocked.

Also, learn to unsimlock iPhone.

Block a number on an iPhone.

You want to block the number of someone who just called you ?

From your home screen, tap the icon of the Phone and select the tab Recent (at the bottom of the screen). To the right of the number to block, press the i circled, and then select Block contact and confirm with Block the contact.

Now, this correspondent cannot reach you, either by phone calls or Facetime. It will be automatically redirected to your voice mail.

You want to block a contact that has become too cumbersome ?

Appointment in Settings → Phone → call barring and caller → Block contact.

The tab Blocking calls and identification, you can also see a list of all the numbers that you have blocked.

Unblock a number on an iPhone.

You are back on your decision, and want to unblock a contact ?

Go to Settings → Phone → call barring and identification.

Press Edit (top right), then click the red circle (left), and then click Unblock.

Rename the unwanted contact.

To remind you not picking up when a certain contact calls you, you can simply rename it. We suggest : “Do not pick up”, “Call spam”, “Ignore”..

In the absence of a name, assign a specific ringing tone.

Block a withheld number.

The person who never ceases to call you mask his number ? Be aware that it is possible to avoid it thanks to the Do not Disturb option. The latter enables you to quiet all of the numbers that are not part of your contact list.

For this, go to Settings → Do not disturb, and then enable the option. Then, select Allow calls from → All contacts.

Alas, cthis option has its limits, as you might miss calls from contacts who are not yet saved in your directory.

Block a number with Bloctel and your operator.

To reject the calls of direct sellers, use the free service It will register your phone number on a list of opposition to the solicitation by telephone.

As to the calls to individuals, you can contact your telephone company to establish a black list and filter the calls.

Block a number with Callblock.

Another alternative to block a number is to use a third-party app Callblock (in English).

For this, nothing more easy, you simply install it and enter the numbers and contacts that you want to block.

Is it that your number has been blocked ?.

You know how to block a number but how do you know if yours was blocked ? What are the signs ?

If your number is probably blocked when you call a contact you won’t hear a single ringing tone. Following which, you are notified that your correspondent is unavailable, and you can leave him a message.

Attention, this does not mean with certainty that your number has been blocked. Your correspondent may be simply turned off his phone or has it configured not to be disturbed.