How to back up an iPhone ?.


Nobody would like to lose their photos or personal documents stored in his phone. The backup of an iPhone is so essential, it is recommended to do on a fairly regular basis. In this tutorial, we explain to you how you take it step by step.

You have forgotten the password of your iPhone ? Find out how to unlock.

Why is it important to back up your iPhone and your iPad ?.

In everyday life, the iPhone and the iPad we used to take photos, manage our day, to communicate, to share documents, personal and professional, etc, To avoid any permanent loss, caused by the malfunction all of a sudden your device or an update, it is very important to ensure that this valuable information is backed up somewhere.

In addition, this backup would also restore your data to a new iPhone.

Find out how to back up an iPhone or iPad with iCloud, iTunes, and third-party applications.

For safety, we recommend that you do an iCloud backup and iTunes.

Back up on iCloud.

The storage service, cloud-based iCloud is a backup system that is very simple. Each holder of an Apple account is entitled to 5 Gb of free storage space where he may keep documents of all types (emails, notes, photos, videos..).

To increase the storage space, Apple offers a monthly subscription us $ 0.99 50 Gb, 2,99 € 200 Gb and € 9.99 for the 2 Tb.

To use the storage service Apple and make a backup, you must already have an iCloud account. Indeed, this last is required when you configure for the first time your iPhone or iPad .

To make a backup of your iPhone, go to Settings, tap [your name], and then click iCloud.

Scroll down to the bottom of the list, and then tap on the option of iCloud Backup. It remains for you to activate it.

It also allows you to perform automatic backups, as soon as your smartphone or tablet is connected to the mains and connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Back up your iPhone data with iTunes.

If you prefer to back up all your data on your computer, rather than on the cloud of Apple, then iTunes is your best option.

First of all, connect your device to your computer (PC, Mac).

In the iTunes window that automatically opens, click on theicon of the iPhone/iPad, in the top left.

In the section Backups, you have two options, automatically Save and Back up and restore manually.

Uncheck the option iCloud, select This Computer (just below), and then to the right, click on Back up now.

The duration of this operation varies according to the amount of data on your phone (contacts, calendars, Safari bookmarks, notes, call history, photos,..).

Note, however, that iTunes doesn’t copy movies or music that you have purchased. You need to download it again, unless you restore your iPhone from that backup.

Encrypted backups.

iTunes also offers to do encrypted backups, they allow secure access to your data by a password. iTunes is will automatically add your information related to applications, Health, HomeKit , and your Keychain access.

To perform an encrypted backup, repeat the steps described above, and then check Encrypt the backup and create your password.

Keep it in a safe place, because even Apple doesn’t know. If you forget then you will have no way to retrieve it.

Save an Apple Watch.

If you want to keep your information related to your training, you will be required to go through an encrypted backup.

To transfer these data to a new iPhone, follow these steps first to an encrypted backup of your old smartphone. Then, restore your new smartphone from this record. Finally, it remains for you to apparairer your Apple Watch.

Back up your iPhone with a third-party application.

To prevent any disappointment, we advise you not one, not two, but three backups (the minimum). To do this, why not to subscribe to the free offers of the online storage services ? To find the one that best suits you, please do not hesitate to consult our comparison.

The Cloud are a very good way to keep your (countless) photos, documents, and free up storage space on your iPhone. Your backups will also be synchronized on all your devices and will not interfere with the Cloud of Apple.

When you perform a system transfer, would prefer a Wi-Fi connection, because your data is depleted too quickly.

Google Drive.

Google has developed the application Google Drive for iOS, thanks to it, the iOS users can back up their contacts, calendars and photos in Google Drive and migrate to Androidwithout a hitch.

We would like to clarify that Google Drive has its limits, the music and the messages contained in your iPhone will not be retained.

At Apple, this application already existed, under the name of Migrating to iOS, we have done a detailed tutorial.