How to add wireless recharging Qi to a smartphone ?.


The terms “wireless recharging” are very currently being used, by both the manufacturers of phones by journalists. However, few of us take the time to explain what it is exactly.

Thus, “wireless recharging” commonly refers to the transmission of electrical energy by induction. This technology has a standard known as Qi, which was created by the Wireless Power Consortium.

Concretely, instead recharge your smartphone via a micro-USB port (or other), you only have to put it on an induction charger. Note that the latter must be connected to a power outlet, so you are not entirely rid of the son.

Wireless recharging with a compatible smartphone .

If you have a smartphone incorporating the technology Iq, whatever it takes for you to reload the wireless is an induction charger. Their prices vary depending on the brands but you can get one on the internet for ten euros.

All the chargers Qi are more or less identical except that some have the option “quick reloading” (Wireless Fast) that works with compatible smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the latest iPhone.

Also, if you are considering purchasing an iPhone 8 or X, it is good to know that only certain chargers Qi are certified by Apple, and that it is possible that an update blocks the use of those other brands.

Once you have purchased a charger that is Qi, it only remains for you to plug and place your phone on it. It’s as simple as that.

Add wireless charging to any smartphone .

For smartphones “traditional”, there are kits (around 20 €) which allow them to transform into a device with wireless charging.

If you have a old iPhone for example, you can purchase a receiver Iq as that of the mark iQi mobile. The latter plugs into the port Lightning of the phone and thanks to its tab it allows charging via induction.

The trouble with this accessory is that it is not very aesthetic and that it is necessary to provide a shell of protection compatible with the wireless charging to keep the receiver in place.

If you have an Android, do not worry, there is also a solution so that your device can be recharged wirelessly. EooCoo proposes, for example, a receiver Qi that connects via the Micro USB port of the phone.
If your phone has a compartment removable to access the battery you can slide in the receiver, otherwise you will need to stick to the back of the device or use a protective shell.