How to activate the skills of the Alexa ?.


Alexa, the voice assistant Amazon, integrate features that we all know, like to place an order, to play our favorite music, conversation or inform us about the weather.

On the other hand, what you may not know is that since the Amazon website, or directly through the app Alexa on your smartphone, you have access to a catalogue which lists thousands of other skills. Called skills, the latter allows us to customize and improve your user experience.

Activate the skills via the application Alexa .

To activate the skills of your Alexa, it is a breeze, you just need to follow the 6 steps below :

Launch the application to Alexa.
Go to the menu.
Type on Skills and Games.
Locate the skill that you want to download .
Select it and tap Enable .

It may be that you need to enter your user name and your password.

The skills are stored in the Cloud, so you can run it through Alexa. In addition, updates are done automatically.

As for applications for iOS or Android, the Skills are rated by the users so that you can get an idea of their usefulness.

Manage the skills Alexa.

If some of the proposed competencies do you like more, it is quite possible to disable by selecting the Disable option, or by using the voice command “Alexa, disable xxxx”.

Rendez-vous in the menu and then select Skills and games.
Choose what Skill you want to disable.
Go to Manage permissions .
Tap the slider to Disable .

For even more options, in the menu of your app, go to Skills, in the top right, select Your Skills. You will be able to manage, disable or configure the notifications.