How to activate the mode dark on Windows 10 ?.


Lower the brightness of your computer screen is not always enough to rest your eyes. For this reason, Microsoft has recently added a new option to its latest version Windows 10, its Microsoft browser Edge and its various Microsoft Office applications.

This feature is called mode dark, it not only helps you improve your visual comfort when you spend a lot of time in front of your PC or when you are working in the dark, but you it also allows you to save energy of some screens.

For you to avoid you straining your eyes, check out how to enable the black theme and make your PC to the dark side..

Mode dark on Windows 10.

Mode dark is a feature and the latest, then first of all, make sure that your Windows 10 has been updated.

If you do not know how to install updates in Windows 10, then have a look here.

Good news, to use the mode dark on Windows 10, you will not need to download the application or third-party extension.

Simply open the Start menu

Click on the Settings icon (gear wheel), in the lower left corner of the menu

Select Customization, click the Colors tab

Scroll down to Choose your application mode by default

Select Dark (or dark).

Your screen will go from white to black.

Activate the dark in the Microsoft browser Edge.

To activate the mode dark in your browser Microsoft the Edge it is quite simple :

First run the Microsoft Edge, and then click on the three dots in the top right of the page.

In the menu, go to Settings

On the General tab, go to the menu to Choose a theme

Select Dark (or dark) in the list that appears.

Your interface will then be bathed in darkness.

Activate the dark in Microsoft Office.

When working on the computer, it happens that we spent several hours in front of the Microsoft Office applications, and that our eyes will eventually get tired. So, to avoid this :

Open the Microsoft Office application on which you want to enable the black Theme (Word, Excel, etc)

See you in Open a document

Go to Account

Looking For Office Theme

Finally, set the fill color to Black.