How not to save pictures automatically on WhatsApp ?.


Thanks to this tutorial, learn how to access the different options of download WhatsApp and how to set them.

Also, find out how to save the storage space and data on your Android.

To stop the automatic upload of photos and videos.

WhatsApp has always left the choice up to the user to let them enable or disable the automatic downloading of the shared media. It’s just that its location has since changed.

Here’s how to access it :

Open the application WhatsApp.

Press on the three dotsin the top left, next to the magnifying glass.

Select Settings.

Finally, select data Usage.


At present, under Download.[widely abused] auto.[ists] of the media, you have three options to download : using mobile data In Wi-Fi and roaming.

For each option, you can select or deselect the media (photos, videos, audio or documents) that you want to, or do not want, automatically download on your Android.

Finally, to confirm your choice, you need to do is to press OK. It may be that you need to close the application, then the rouvir for your changes to apply.