How do you update a Mac to macOS Mojave ?.


The new version of mac os, “Mojave”, is available for download from the 24 September 2018.

Update the operating system macOS is a simple process, free of charge and quick, but it should not be done blindly..Tech Advisor France is here to assist you.

How to prepare your Mac for an update ?.

As we mentioned above, we recommend that you do not rush to get the update because Apple servers are likely to be saturated by the many concurrent connections.

Also, before you begin, make sure that your Mac is compatible (see list below), with the Mojave, and then follow these detailed recommendations.

Here is the list of the Mac on which you can install Mojave :

MacBook early 2015 or later models.
MacBook Air mid-2012 or later models.
MacBook Pro from mid 2012 or later models.
Mac mini late 2012 or later models.
iMac late 2012 or later models.
iMac Pro, all models.
Mac Pro from late 2013, more models of mid-2010 or mid-2012 with a graphics processor that works with Metal.


How to update macOS and download macOS Mojave ?.

MacOS Mojave is available for download from 24 September 2018, almost exactly a year after the launch of High Sierra. When you are sure that your Mac can be upgraded to macOS Mojave, then follow the 4 points below :

If you want to pass to the Mojave, you must wait for the software to be available, possibly as early as 19h (hours French).

Open App Store on your Mac by clicking on the encircled in blue, in the Dock, or go to Spotlight and type in the search bar of App Store.

Search for macOS Majove, once the update is found, click Download.

Enter your credentials Apple if you are prompted to do so..

The download operates in the background, you can go back to your occupations, and surf the web.

How to install macOS Mojave on a Mac ?.

As soon as the download of the operating system macOS, you are ready for installation.

A window opens, you are prompted to start the installation process.

Click on Continue. Note that this may take some time.

Then, follow the instructions displayed on the screen. The operation is expected to last approximately one‑half hour, depending on the specifications of your Mac..

The macOS system of your computer is now updated.