How do you know if your message was read on Facebook and WhatsApp ?.


You have sent a message and the recipient is slow to respond ? You want to know if your message was read, if it has been ignored or it has not been seen yet ? We explain in this tutorial how to know if your message has been read.

For this, it is necessary that you have used Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or iMessage, because this type of applications and service can tell you if your messages have been received and read.

Read receipt of WhatsApp.

To indicate that your message has been sent, a check mark appears at the end of your message. Two check marks are grayed out mean that your correspondent has received it.

These two check marks are the color to blue when your message has been read.

For messages sent in a group chat, the two checkmarks will only appear when all participants have received and read your message.

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Confirmation of reading in Facebook Messenger.

On Facebook Messenger, the blue tick in a circle on neutral background indicates that your message has been sent.
The check mark in a white circle on a blue background means that the message has been received.

When the profile picture of the recipient is displayed in place of the check marks, it means that the message has been read.

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Read receipts in iMessage.

iMessage is an Apple service that allows you to send two types of messages :

of iMessage via Wi-Fi network and data, only between iOS devices.

SMS/MMS traditional, between iOS and Android devices..

To distinguish them, there is nothing more simple. The iMessages will appear on a blue background and the text on the green background.

If your package does not include a lot of data, it is best to disable iMessage. To do this, go to : Settings → Messages.

To know if your iMessage has been read, nothing more simple, since the words read will appear just below.

The same goes for its reception, with the indication received.

To find out if your SMS has been read, you must enable the read Receipts (Settings Messages). Once activated, the reference read will appear under your message, including its date read.

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