How do you film the screen of an iPhone ?.


You want to show a friend how to activate a feature on its iPhone or how to finish a game ? In this tutorial, Tech Advisor shows you how to film the screen of your iPhone and your iPad.

Filming the screen of an iPhone.

Before you film the screen of your iPhone or iPad, make sure that your device is up to date (Settingssoftware update).

Now, go to Settings control Center. Press Customize the controls.

Among the options, locate the Recording of the screen and press the plus sign (+)located to the left.

Now, go to your Home screen and swipe upwards to display the control Center.

It only remains for you to press the record button (two circles recessed).

The video capture of your screen will start automatically after a countdown of 3 seconds.

The red bar, which appears at the top of your screen to indicate that recording is in progress.

To stop your recording, you must press the red bar and select the option Stop.

Your video capture is then saved automatically in your folder Photos.

Attention, this is not because it is easy to save a video posted on the internet that you need to do it.

Remember that these videos are subject to copyright. It is recommended not to share.

Filming the screen of an iPhone prior to iOS 11.

If your device does not have the latest iOS version then you can use your Mac to record the screen of your iPhone.

On your Mac, open the native QuickTime Player and click File at the top of your screen. In the drop-down menu that appears, select New record from the screen.

Connect your iPhone to your Mac, iTunes automatically opens, please do not exit the application.

Go back to the recording window in QuickTime Player, then click on the white arrow. Select the option iPhone [your name] and start recording video.