How do you film the screen of a Mac ?.


If you want to make videos of your Mac screen, to explain an order to a friend or just show him what you are doing, the free software QuickTime Player is here to help you. Here’s how to do it step by step.

1 – QuickTime Player .


Open the media player, the QuickTime Player by clicking on its icon, shown in the Dock.

If it is not there, go to Finder → Applications → QuickTime Player.

Otherwise, run a search by pressing the key F4 , or from Spotlight (press the key Cmd and the spacebar, and then type in QuickTime Player).

2 – The registration .


Click File, and then in the drop-down menu, select New record from the screen.

3 – recording options .


In the window that opens, click on the white arrowto the right of the record button.

Choose the built-in microphone (the one of your Mac) or the external microphone (the one on your headset or your helmet). This way, you will be able to add your voice to the video, but it is not possible to save the sounds played in the background on your Mac.

To see precisely where you click on your screen, activate the option to Show mouse clicks in recording. This option is very convenient if you want to make tutorials.

4 – Save all or a portion of the screen .


Once you have clicked on the red button, you can either capture your entire screen or a part of it.

5 – Stop recording .


To end the recording, click on theicon for the QuickTime Player in the Dock, and then click the option to Stop recording The screen.

6 – Save the video .


Now, it only remains for you that to save your video and to edit it if you wish. Thanks to the application iMovie (free) and Final Cut Pro (329,99 €) to make changes, add visual effects and share your visual creation on Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube.

Below you will find three other software to record the screen of your computer.

Voila .


Voila, Global Delight, is a screen-capture program for Mac.

This is one of the only software that records sound from your computer, and that offers you several frequencies of images for your clips.

You can also film your screen from a web page since it integrates with all the browsers Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox.

Here is translated in French, and it is available in free trial version and paid version to 24,33 €.

ScreenFlow .


ScreenFlow 7, from Telestream, is the perfect tool to create tutorials of a computer (with a voice-over narration) and share them online.

If you opt for ScreenFlow then your camera’s built-in iSight can also be used to film your screen. Be aware that it is even possible to create a GIF.

ScreenFlow is translated into French, and it is available in free trial version and paid version to 149.99 to €.

Camtasia .


Camtasia, from TechSmith, is a full-featured software screen capture photo and video. Just as ScreenFlow, it uses the iSight camera.

Its uniqueness ? You can add quizzes to your videos and interact with your audience.

Camtasia is available as a free trial version and paid version to 194,42 €.

Note that the latest versions of Camtasia are only in English and in German.