How do I unsubscribe to Netflix ?.


You have seen all of the series imaginable on Netflix ? You are simply disappointed and you think that it is time to unsubscribe ?

Regardless of your type of subscription platform Netflix, you should know that it is easy to delete your account.

In this tutorial, we will explain how to cancel your subscription to Netflix, you get the still of the welcome offer or not.

To unsubscribe from Netflix.

Netflix is an online video platform that offers three types of subscriptions ranging from 7,99 € 15,99 €.

If for any reason you wish to terminate your subscription, then follow these steps to unsubscribe at the service of streaming video.

Log in to your account.

Click on your profile in the top right and select Account.

In the section Subscription and Billing, click on the option to Cancel the subscription.

On the page that opens, it only remains for you to click to Complete the cancellation.


Your termination is now saved and will take effect on the last day of the month.

Please note that you can, at any time, reactivate your account. The latter will be permanently closed 10 months after the deactivation.

If you consider the time too long, so Netflix recommends that you send an email to [email protected], since the e-mail address given during your registration.

Also, we recommend that you delete your bank details, in order to avoid all use of your account without your agreement. You can also make a request in your email of termination.

Delete profile your Netflix account.

If you only want to remove one or more profiles(s) associated with your account, then follow the steps below.

Connect you to Netflix.

Click on your profile and select Account.

In the My profile section, click Manage profiles, right.

Choose the profile, and then click Remove.


For more information on the overpressure and the backup of your personal data, then go to the help center.

To access, click on Account, and then click help Center in the drop-down list. Finally, in the search bar, type Deleting, information, and retention policy information.

Tip : do not cancel your subscription to Netflix, if you haven’t seen these series !