How do I change the default video card ?.


A computer has the ability to produce images with a graphics chip integrated and housed in the CPU.

However, when you use your PC to perform a task more heavy, as the execution of video games, it is advisable to purchase and install a new graphics card in your PC.

Thanks to this tutorial, configure, and change your new graphics card by default on your computer.

To change a default video card in 3 steps.

To choose a Nvidia graphics card by default, follow the steps explained below.

Step 1.

Right click on the Desktop, in the drop-down list, click on Nvidia control Panel.

Step 2.

In the left column, select Manage 3D settings, and then click the global Settings tab. In the drop-down list, choose the program for which you want to change the graphics card.

Step 3.

Now, select the graphics Card favourite in the list. If you want to use the dedicated graphics card then click on Nvidia.

On the other hand, if your graphics card is an ATI/AMD, so the process varies. To edit, right-click on your Desktop, go to Graphics. Then, in PowerPlay set to performance for Plugged In and battery. To finish, click on Apply.