How do I add music to a presentation in Google Slides ?.


Unlike Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Sheets does not support the audio files. That said, we have found two techniques to work around this problem.

Add a link to a streaming platform.

The simplest way to add music to your presentation Google Slides is to include a link to a song available on Spotify, Deezer or Soundcloud.

In your internet browser, open your Google Slides and go on the slide that you want to make “music”..
Go to Inserttext Box and click anywhere on the slide to create a text box..
Go to your streaming platform, music, find the title that you want to use in your presentation and copy the URL..

Go back to your slide, paste the link of the song in the text box that you just created, enable the link by doing a right-click + link..

Click on the arrow tool, resize the text box and move it where you want it on the slide..
To play your presentation, click ViewRead..

When your slide “music” appears, it remains for you to click on the link that you have created to start your song in another tab.

Replace the link to a song by one image .

If you find that a text link is too unsightly, you can “transform” it into ane image.

Click on Insert → Imageand select the image you want to use..
Resize the image and move it to the desired location on the slide..
Click on the image and then click Insert → Link. Paste the URL of your song and then click Apply..

Now, to trigger your song, you will no longer have to click on the image.

Add music from a YouTube video.

Another way to add music to your presentation is to use a Youtube video to one of your slide‘s.

Go to the slide that you want to make “music” and then click Insert → Video.
Type your query in the search bar of YouTube..

Choose a video and click Select to place it on the slide..
Click on the arrow and resize the video if you want..