HomePod Apple : release date, price and data sheet.


With its HomePod, Apple account get a place on the market of the connected speaker. However, to really compete with Amazon (Echo), and Google (Home), the california firm will face a serious challenge, that of justify the price for its new product.

What is the HomePod ? .

The HomePod is a speaker connected to a cylindrical form, covered with cloth and that works with the personal assistant of Apple, Siri.

Announced during the WWDC 2017, the HomePod is only for the aficionados of the brand since it is necessary to have at least one of the following products to use : iPhone 5s (and following models), iPad Pro, iPad Air (and following models), iPad mini 2 (and following models), iPod touch (6th generation) with iOS 11.2.5 (minimum).

It is not possible to run the speaker with an Android device, this last does not even have Bluetooth connection.

The HomePod can stream audio content from various streaming sources such as iTunes or iCloud, and it can be used with AirPlay.

The HomePod : release date and price.

The HomePod will be available in France on June 18, 2018 and will cost 349 €.

In comparison, the pregnant smart Google Home costs 149 € and the Amazon Echo 99 €.

The HomePod : technical data sheet .

If it is that emphasis has been put on audio quality, Apple has not unveiled a lot of details on its new product.

The HomePod has a woofer set up (for serious), seven tweeters (for highs) and six microphones (for Siri).

As some speakers premium, it is able to adjust his plans according to the obstacles that surround it.

For example, if you place the HomePod close to a wall, the latter will avoid to throw her on the wall and instead focus on the middle of the room (your neighbours will thank you).

For what is the “clever ” side” of the enclosure, the latter works with the processor Apple A8, the same one found in the iPhone 6.

Siri should work the same way as the smartphones of the brand, while incorporating new musical knowledge. You will be able to ask him questions about the song : “When it is released this album ?”, “Who is the drummer on this song ?” ..

Note that if you purchase more than one HomePod you will be able to use them simultaneously.