Google Play Store : download app not available in France.


If you read these lines, it means that you have seen the following message in your Google Play Store : “This item is not available in your country”.

In this tutorial, we will present a technique to work around this problem and to download any application on your Android.

Geographical Limitations : this article is not available in your country.

Each country has a catalog of applications that is specific, and not all applications are not available in all countries. There are often pragmatic reasons for this geographical limitation : the app has perhaps not yet been translated, the services it offers do not yet exist in the country, ..

Caution : If it is possible to access the entire catalog of Google Play, this does not guarantee that the application you want to download will work correctly in your country.

Also note that circumvent the geographic restrictions of the Play Store is against the terms of use of the program.

Access to the catalog Google Play in another country.

In order to download an app not available in your Play Store, you may need to clear some traces of your geographical location and use a VPN to pretend your presence abroad.

For more information on VPN, see our selection of the best VPN, some are even free.

1 – first of all, disable the GPS in your Android by going to your SettingsLocation.

2 – Then, you can disconnect your Google account from your smartphone.

For this, go to Settings → Accounts → Google and click on the three dots in the top right of the screen. Tap Remove account and then confirm the deletion of the account.

3 – A message is displayed asking you to add a new Google account. Tap Add account and then follow the instructions that appear.

4 – Now, go to your Play Store and download a VPN. For this tutorial we use the free VPN Tunnel Bear (450 Mb per month). Not activate it immediately and ignore the request to add a credit card.

5 – Delete the data of your Google Play. Appointment in Settings → Apps → Google Play Store → Storage → Clear data → Confirm the deletion of data.

6 – Finally, it only remains for you that to Activate your VPN, to choose the country in which the app you want to download is available, and then to go to the Play Store.