Google Pixel 5 : release date, price and other rumors.


While Google knows a lot of success in the field of home automation, the firm is a little behind the curve when it comes to improving its smartphones, except for its sensors photos.

However, with a little effort, she could be the only brand able to compete with Apple in the field of telephony.

The year 2020 could we prove it. Indeed, the american giant would correct its deficiencies in order to propose a Pixel 5 in line with the expectations and requirements of its users.

In this article, discover what we know about the Google Pixel 5 and the new features that we expect.

When will come out the Pixel 5 ?.

We anticipate an output of the Pixel 5 and 5 XL in October 2020, as has been the case for his predecessors.

The series Pixel 4 was unveiled on October 15, 2019 and on sale nine days later. A similar timeline is planned for the next flagship Pixel.

How much will it cost Google Pixel 5 ?.

The starting price of the Pixel 4 and 4 XL were, respectively, of 769 € and 899 €.

The logic would be that the cost of the Pixel 5 is of the same order, and always below that of its competitors.

What it will look like the Google Pixel 5 ? .

Although the release of the Google Pixel 5 is not expected before several months, we already have an idea of what this might look like the next flagship of Google. The leaker Jon Prosser has posted a video on his YouTube channel Front Page Tech of what it claims to be a prototype official of the Pixel 5XL :

These images reveal a change in design, significant in relation to the Pixel 4, and 4XL, in particular by the presence of three sensors, mounted on the back of the Pixel 5XL.

Google could design the Pixel 5, based on the Pixel 4a, the output of which is scheduled for next may. However, we expect a design and features that are more top of the range, to justify a price that will be higher.

Even if there are no major changes to make to its photo sensors, we expect all the same to what Google does one of its priorities.

We imagine a wide-angle lens that would be in addition to telephoto models 2019, for example.

We doubt that Google proposes a change to the sensor front-end, on the other hand it may be that we make our farewells to the notch.

The autonomy of the Pixel 4 is a characteristic which is lacking to him, we sense therefore great improvements for the next generation. Google has also recently launched the beta version of the Android 11 reserved, developers, Developer Preview, on which you discovered the sharing feature of the battery.

What is expected of Google to the Pixel 5 .

Here are all the changes that we would like to see be operated on the Pixel-5 :

A more modern design : at a time when larger competitors are constantly pushing the limits of modernity and originality, the design of the Pixel 4 and 4XL has unfortunately proved to be below.
Google seems to underestimate the desire of users to have a screen without a cut or notch.

Improvement of the video : the Google Pixel has a photo-quality undeniable, however the video remains to be desired.
According to us, the choice not to integrate the 4K-resolution @60fps on the Pixel 4 has been a mistake.

Expandable storage : let’s be honest, 64 Gb of storage is only expandable to 128 Gb, it is little ! We are counting on a radical change of this side.

More RAM : the series Pixel 4 offers only 6 Gb of RAM. It would be significant that his successor offers 8, or even 12 Gb.

Wide-angle lenses to the front and to the back : for the second aim of the Pixel 4, Google has strangely chosen a telephoto lens rather than a wide angle.
In 2020, we hope to see a third sensor wide angle.

Better battery life : the 2800 mAh battery of the Pixel 4 are not sufficient. It is essential that Google double the power of his battery to the Pixel 5.

Compatibility with the 5G : to stay in the race in the face of the evolution of the flagships of rival brands, Google must take into account the compatibility with the 5G.