Google Home : delete your history of searches voice.


The wizard Google Man is very practical in daily life, it helps you control your lights, your heating, to schedule your day, start music, etc, However, it is necessary to accept (especially for those users concerned about their privacy) that your wizard will backup your query voice on the Google servers.

The good news is that Google Home will not register what you say unless you prononciez the phrase “Ok, Google” or “Hey Google” which begins its listening and its backup.

Your voice will be recognized and the relevant information (keywords) are set, will be returned to the assistant to the relays. This information will be collected and stored on the Cloud. There is one record for each question asked to your personal assistant.

In this article we explain how to delete the history of your voice commands and how to disable this feature.

Google Home, delete the history of voice commands.

To erase everything that you have asked your assistant to follow the 6 steps below.

Sign in to your Google account.
Visit the page
At the top of the page, you will find a drop-down menu to Filter by date and product.
Deselect All products and select the check boxes for Wizard Google and vocal Activities and audio.
Click on Apply.
To remove each clip, you just click on the 3 vertical dots, then click Remove.


If you want to delete them all at the same time, then under Filter by date, select the option Throughout the period, finally click on Delete.

If you want to disable for good the audio recordings, then (log in to your Google account and visit this page :, scroll to the Activities section of voice and Audio, and click the cursor.