Google Home 2 : release date, price and list of our desires.


Announced in France in may 2016, the Google Home has not been put on sale in August 2017. First introduced as a rival to the Amazon Echo cost 20 € less ; it is difficult to ignore the fact that Amazon has since updated its enclosure and reduced its price.

Even taking into account the improvements made by Amazon with the Echo 2, we believe that Google Home is a beautiful device, its voice assistant is much more efficient than Alexa.

However, Google is not planning to rest on its laurels, it would even consider to make some changes in order to conquer more consumers.

In this article, we try to determine the price, the release date of the Google Home 2, and we will share a list of features that we’d like to see on this new generation.

When will come out the Google Home 2 ?.

The speakers connected are a category of products is relatively new and, as such, they do not have the same calendar output year that other mainstream technologies.

Anyway, these wizards home automation are not the type of device that you plan to upgrade every year, although Amazon is beginning to adopt updates much more frequent for his family Echo.

In France, the Google Home was finally put on sale in August 2017, 10 months after its us release. It was followed by the Google Home Mini (October 2017), and the Google Home Max in August 2018.

In the meantime, current 2018, Amazon had renewed its speaker Echo, we believed that Google was going to follow his example, but it would seem that it is necessary to wait until 2019.

How much will it cost Google Home 2 ?.

If Amazon hadn’t launched its Echo 2 to 99 €, it would have been normal for Google to maintain its price to 149 €. However, if it really wants to compete with the giant of the ecommerce, it will be obliged to revise its price downward and align with the new Echo.

New features we’d like to see on the Google Home 2.

A recharge basis.

You will probably have little reason to take Google Home away from home, but it would be convenient not having to plug it in to the sector, via its long power cable 1.8 metres.

Google Home already has a base interchangeable with different colours and materials (metal and fabric), so why not introduce a base that can recharge it and carry it around with us.

A new design.

The bases customizable, mentioned above, let you easily integrate the Google Home to your interior. However, we prefer the approach of the Google Home Mini where it is the overall color of the device changes.

Rather than going from one base to another, we would prefer to be able to buy Google Home all black or all white, for example.

More mics.

In general, Google Home captures quite correctly to our commands, but background noises can interfere.
The speaker Echo Amazon, it integrates no less than seven microphones omni-directional. Google could do the same..

Port TO.

The audio quality of the Google Home is better than the Home Mini. However, it still can not compete with some of its competitors. We would like it to be possible to connect to a sound system via an AUX cable.

A keyword is more natural.

The best for the end. We hope that the next update will allow you to use a key word that we have defined, instead of saying, “Say Google” or “Ok Google”.