Google account : how to control your activities ?.


For that Google identifies you, you must have a Google account. The email and password that you use to access the services of the american giant (Google Calendar, Documents, Drive,..) correspond to your Google account.

However, it is impossible to know with accuracy who you are.

What Google knows about you.

Google is more than a simple search engine because it collects a mass of data from your research, and that says a lot about you..

To find out what Google knows about you, you just log in to your Google account and go on this page, for YouTube it is here.

In the section personal Information and privacy, to the right, click the option of Your personal information. Scroll down the page and click on Access Google Dashboard.

You will now see all of your searches and activity on Google and its services (Drive, Gmail, Google Play, Calendar, Google Print..).

Here are details on what Google might know about you :

Your name, gender, date of birth.
Your e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.
The place where you live and work.
The web sites visited.
Your Google searches.
The targeted ads.
Your centres of interest.
The places you have visited in the world.
Your search-YouTube and the recently played videos
What you have said to thewizard Google


How to see your business on Google ?.

There is a feature called Google which gives you the history of your activities.

To access it you simply go on the page My activity , and enter your login info, email address and password.

It is even allowed to delete your searches. To delete them one at a time, we recommend that you add filters. Click on + to Filter by date and product, on the 3 vertical dots, then click the option Delete. Finally, confirm by clicking on Delete.

If you want to access even more activities, click on the 3 vertical lines in the top left, and select Another activity Google.

In the page that appears, you can see the research audio Google Play, your comments on the Youtube videos, your clicks on the “Not interested” to the suggestions of Youtube videos, your library will Google Play, etc

What are some of your interests according to Google ?.

Google is interested in your data to better target ads. It is thanks to them that Google can offer free services.

It is even more interesting to find out what Google thinks they know about you and how they use that information to target advertisements.

Log in to your account → personal Information and privacy Settings ads.

If you entered your sex and your age, then this information will appear. On this same page, you can disable the customization of targeted ads.

Is it that Google knows of your journeys ?.

Google is also believed to know where you are visited recently. For this, go to the’history of the positions (Account → Manage your business Google → Access to commands relating to the activity → History → Manage history).

To stop the collection of geolocation data, simply disable the feature, but also one titled Web Activity and the applications.

To disable your geotagging on your Android, go to Settings → Lock screen and security → Locate my device, and then click to clear the option. However, it would seem that even after this operation Google still record your positions.

To prevent this completely, you need to go to the Google Maps app and press the 3 horizontal lines (top left). In the drop-down menu select Settings → Personal Content.

Then, clear the options Activity on the Web and applications, and update the position, then you can delete the logs.

Google has recently confirmed that it will be possible to delete the automatic its geolocation data, the choice will be given between every 3 months or every 18 months, and any information oldest one will be erased.

What devices, apps and services have access to your Google data ?.

Google lets you know what permissions are required by the installation application or program on your Android device.

On this page are listed the devices, services, applications and permissions that have been granted.

Select a or a, and just below it you will be given all the details. In addition, you have the ability to revoke the permissions by a simple click on Remove access.

How to hide information Google visible to other users ?.

Thanks to the tool about me (about me) of Google, you will know what is publicly visible.

You can click on the pen icon, to the right, to modify or delete your personal data.

We also recommend that you look at the privacy settings of your account. Please visit the main page of your account section and in the Audit of the privacy settings, click on Start, on 2 occasions. Finally, select or clear the desired options.