Good plan Amazon : 50% off on the Echo Dot 3rd generation.


As the holidays approach, it is always the race to the gifts ! Fortunately, this is also a period discount on all the merchant sites.

Today, the speaker is connected to Echo Dot 3rd generation is at -50 %. The american giant has reduced its price 59.99 € to 29.99 € only.

Often a victim of its success, note that it is possible that you will not be delivered before December 25. You will find all the information about this directly on the site, once the product is in your shopping cart.

If you can’t wait, then be aware that Baker also proposes an offer of -50 %, the Echo Dot 3rd generation to 29.99 €.

The Echo Dot 3rd generation is also available with an LED display (below) and it is also promoting on Amazon at a price of 49,99 € instead of 69,99 €. However, it will be in stock only from the 30th of January.

Perhaps are you also interested in the pack Echo Dot 3rd generation + 2 light bulbs connected Philips Hue White ? It is on sale on Amazon for 44,99 €, half the price !

Check out the Echo Dot 3rd generation Amazon.

The design of the Echo’s Dot is simple, discreet, and its fabric cover is available in three colours : grey, black and white.

This speaker is connected to also has 4 microphones long range for you to hear the music from anywhere, and that Alexa can respond to you even when you’re in the next room.

Though small in size, it is equipped with a speaker 41 mm that delivers quality sound and extended. If this is not sufficient for you, you can pair your dots with other devices of identical models.

The features offered with Alexa to facilitate both its usage and your daily life.

Thanks to its different options, listen to titles streaming on Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer or other and control your devices to the home automation.

Its only downside ? The absence of a power input micro-USB.

This is a forum and a voice assistant in the superb price/quality ratio, and this even more in the moment with the offer of -50 %.