Gift ideas at less than 50 euros.


To enlighten you a little bit more and guide you better in your quest of the ideal at a lower cost, here is a selection of gifts for under 50 €.

1. Socket connected Amazon Alexa .


For fans of home automation, there is the socket connected to the voice control. The decision Yuanguo works with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Google Home. You will be able to schedule and decide on the ignition and extinction of the electrical devices, but also charge them.

Similarly, it is possible to share its Wi-Fi connection, in brief, it is an ideal gift for a family connected.

2. Echo Dot 3 .

Echo Dot (3ème génération)

Take advantage of the promotion Amazon’s 39.99 € on the Echo Dot 3 to make the happiness of a loved one.

This speaker is connected, discreet, is dressed in a fabric cover, available in gray, black and white.

It incorporates 4 microphones long range, and a speaker 41 mm that delivers quality sound. Ask her any question, she will respond with an ease and humor. Ask him to play music via streaming applications and control all devices home automation compatible.

3. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 .

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

The coach e-Mid Band 4 is equipped with a color screen AMOLED display of 0.95 inches. It offers a follow-up of the activities in detail, an analysis health, in particular thanks to its heart rate sensor, and an examination of the sleep.

It incorporates a number of features such as setting alarm, stopwatch, and weather forecasting. Finally, one of the benefits of the Half Band 4 is the seal, which should appeal to lovers of swimming.

4. Walkman Cassette with Bluetooth + Compil 80′ .

Baladeur Cassette Bluetooth

To meet a fan of the 80’s, give it a walkman K7 ! For less than 40 €, Darty offers a walkman Bluetooth compatible to stream your music to other devices and don’t forget that good old player is equipped with a Jack.

As a bonus, a K7 with 16 songs recorded is available.

5. Chromecast .

Google Chromecast

Plug Chromecast in the HDMI to your tv to watch any content via your smartphone, tablet, or even pregnant Google Home.

It is compatible with several applications such as Netflix, MyCanal, OCS, YouTube, BeIn, Spotify.

Chromecast provides a video quality maximum of 1080p.

6. Helmet Pusheen .

Casque Pusheen

To give pleasure to lovers of felines, there are the headphones Pusheen design for the least original and very cute. On each earpiece is drawn Pusheen the cat, to stay in the theme of the tomcats, the headband metal rosé takes on the shape of their pointed ears.

Side comfort, the headset Pusheen is equipped with cushioned pads to dress nice. The Pusheen is compatible with all devices with a jack.

7. Bluetooth Keyboard CoastCloud .

Clavier Bluetooth CoastCloud

In addition to being Bluetooth, QWERTY keyboard CoastaCloud is equipped with a touchpad. Thanks to this, you will not need to connect a mouse, your experience will be more enjoyable.

Once it does you serves as more of a keyboard, close it to turn it into a protective cover.

The CoastaCloud is compatible with tablets, Windows, Android and it is available in blue, turquoise, black, red, green, and purple.

8. Wireless charger ESR .

ESR Chargeur sans Fil avec adaptateur

The wireless charger ESR has a compact design that fits in perfectly with the decor, it will decorate perfectly a bedside table for example.

It offers a rapid charge and stable while ensuring not to overheat your smartphone.

It is compatible with any device that has been certified Qi, so you can easily use it with Android or iOS.

9. Earphones Bluetooth TWS .

TWS Ecouteurs sans fil

Bluetooth headsets TWS are waterproof (IPX7) what’s better for athletes !

They are light and easy to wear, and their audio quality is more than correct.

Do they have other advantages ? Yes, they are compatible with the Bluetooth V5, they are equipped with the noise reduction and the battery has a power of 3000 mAh battery (a battery life of 3 hours guaranteed).

10. Speaker Bluetooth JBL Go .


The JBL Go Bluetooth compact can be carried easily and it is very light. Thanks to its square design, it holds very well in the hand.

The audio quality is satisfactory and its autonomy, its amazing. It is the perfect companion for every music lover on a trip.

11. Dodow .


You know an insomniac, one of your relatives complains of spending short nights ? Offer Dodow ! This metronome light allows you to re-learn how to fall asleep, for that it is necessary to synchronize his breathing with the blue light projected on the ceiling.

Breathe in, breathe out, fall asleep, and wake up in full form !

12. USB Chewbacca .

Clé USB Chewbacca

We all know a Star Wars fan, we have THE right gift geek Star Wars that will make him happy.

The USB Chewbacca of the brand Tribe, which has an official license Star Wars is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and has 16 Gb of storage space. This is enough space to save at least one episode of the Saga.